Monday, July 23, 2012

practicing moonday

I think I'm crocheting, I almost can't believe it. You know that state of mind that comes with repetition? -- well I'm not there yet but this may be a way to get there in the future.

Today is a waxing moonday entering fair and balanced Libra. Now is a good time for teamwork, negotiating, and making agreements. And for cooperation and practicing peace.
Libra affects our our lower back including the hips and buttocks, kidneys and bladder. That means now may be an ideal time for healing and re-balancing those areas -- and it is also a time when those same parts could come out of balance more easily. As the hips balance the frame of our bodies, they also help us to carry extra weight -- a baby on the hip comes to mind because I'll have a baby girl on mine over the next few days. 
This morning I read a writing by the Nostradamus scholar John Hogue referring to native prophecies. They say there is an ever-increasing high-mindedness taking place within us, an energy frequency much-needed to take us forward in these changing times. High-mindedness is helped by being consciously open to new things including the unknown, meditating, and other positive life-affirming practices. Hogue also explains the exact opposite phenomenon called un-high-mindedness -- caused by thought used irresponsibly resulting in fear and psychic trauma -- mind plague, he calls it -- and how it contributes to the violence we are experiencing now. I don't usually want to dwell on this kind of thing, but it got my attention all right. 
The way I see it, the best thing I can probably do today is hold that baby on my hip and practice my crocheting while she naps. 


  1. i totally agree with Hogue's words. a wonderful. and you are doing a fabulous job with your crocheting. i'm amused that you are doing so many at once.

  2. little crocheted squares are how I started making cusspots..let me know if you want the steps for making one.

    each one was a meditation

  3. Your crochet is looking great! Trust me, you will be a convert soon. ;) A baby on the hip sounds like a heavenly thing to be doing! Enjoy!

  4. Love that your using yarn to match the hooks let alone achieving great crochet fabric too!
    Id say your developing another textile skill gal : )

  5. I think the baby will agree being carried on your hip is great teamwork.

    The crochet is a good thing, cheers for your perseverence. I gave up!

  6. Looks like crochet to me. :) Baby on the hip...a wonderful and natural thing.

  7. The crocheting looks great!!! SO glad it's working for you. It was my favorite thing when my babies got old/strong enough to sit up on my hip. Ahhh...such good memories :)

  8. Crochet work is so soothing. Yours looks great. I came over from Nancy's Pomegranate Trail blog, seeing that you're creative and a bee keeper (I also have a few hives). I've enjoyed the visit!
    best from Tunisia,

  9. Thanks, everyone, for your nice comments. The crocheting came to a standstill while the baby was here. And her brother & sister. I'd forgotten there's only so much you can do with little ones around. xo