Monday, July 16, 2012

re-doing moonday

You can return knitted yarn back to the way it was. First unknit it, then soak for five minutes in warm water with a drop of soap, rinse, and hang to dry. Then it's ready to be reknit. I learned this from Ulla

Today is a waning moonday entering the sign of Cancer -- the moon is only days away from completing another orbit around the earth and beginning its next. We can't see the moon now so this last stretch is called the dark moon time.

And we've just entered a period of Mercury Retrograde (until August 7). While there may be certain future activities to avoid beginning during this time, it is good to go back now -- revisit, rediscover, review, rethink, recall -- let's just say verbs with the "re" prefix that might apply to ideas, communication and travel.

Cancer energy pulls us inward right down to the soul level. This isn't always easy because we're emotional now too but we're also more honest with ourselves, and that can't help but be a good thing.

Cancer influences the chest and stomach areas -- that means both resolution and aggravation of problems in those parts may be energized -- and the healing qualities of herbs harvested now for treating them may be enhanced as well. One of my intentions this day is to listen for which plants are calling to be harvested -- drying for medicine, fresh for dyeing and cooking.

Do you feel the draw inward? I do.


  1. I'm feeling the inward pull, and the need for deep honesty. I'm glad for the support of the Cancer Moon! With Mercury retro, I'm trying to avoid the usual communication snafus by being clearer and more attentive. I'll have to remember to laugh when it all breaks down anyway.

  2. Jo, yes, I keep thinking it's wrong or weak to go back to review and reexamine, to have second thoughts. But it's really not, thanks to this time. To clarity. Laughter yoga? ha.

  3. Ah, maybe the Cancer moon explains my recent tendency to weep at everything..or nothing. I like the idea of reviewing, maybe rewrite too?

    Good to have you back Peggy, knitting and harvesting.

  4. Nanette, me too about reviewing. I may wallow in my many second thoughts, I fear. ;-)

    It is so good to be home again.

  5. Oh, I've been know to wallow! Love that nifty yarn trick :) Such pretty colors too.

  6. Hmm...maybe that's why I've been in a reflective mood. :) That's such a handy trick with the yarn...

  7. Knowing about the planetary happenings is so helvitriol helping me find solutions to conflicts. My puppy has been especially nutty the past two nights, but we're working it out calmly...well, relatively calmly...glad you're back...

  8. I have been in that introspective, want to be by myself kinda mood too. Also, longing to be near the ocean, so I went after my birthday for a "me" birthday present : )
    I was born in July. This time of year always seem full of change, push and pull.