Friday, July 8, 2011

viva la vida

Like a lot of people, I'm emotionally moved by a group of children singing -- at a holiday party, a school concert, etc. -- my throat tightens, the eyes go, and I need kleenex. I've just discovered the same holds true for watching them on youtube.

This is a couple of years old already -- where was I? I love it. Just love it.



deanna7trees said...

thank you for that. you could see in their faces that they were singing from the heart. it brought back memories of when i taught my 1st graders songs. we had such a good time and it made us all feel so good inside.

woman with wings said...

You're very welcome, Deanna. I bet you had some wonderful moments and now wonderful memories. I think you must be an extremely patient woman, too!

Marie said...

I am one of those mothers who gets all teary-eyed at most hearing sweet little voices singing or small children talking to themselves and playing, and school concerts,etc.
Oh and not to forget those little crafty projects they bring home from school. Today I found a paper mache hand that was a replica of my 14 year old sons hand that he did in art this year, in his backpack. Do you think he told me about it? No! ; )
Thank you for sharing the video. Those children sang with all their heart. Sweet <3

liniecat said...

Thanks for that link, made me smile from ear to ear. Mind you theyve all obviously seen X factor and shows like that, theyd all do well on a stage with huge audiences lol
But how animated they were! And they seemed to really enjoy the singing itself.....what fun..........and the guitarist looked fun too :)

woman with wings said...

Marie, glad you liked the video. And I'm also glad you found that hand!!

woman with wings said...

Lyn, yes I know what you mean. Oh yes, I thought the teacher/guitarist was fabulous, too. If all music teachers were like that!