Friday, July 22, 2011

bee wisdom

Just as bees fly from one blossom to another, looking only for the essence of each one, wise people look only for the essence of every person they meet.  ---Katha Upanishad  

She's meeting the essence of hollyhock . . .


  1. harder to find the essence of a person, i think. my hollyhock leaves just burnt to a crisp in the sun even after watering every day.

  2. Deanna, you're right. But we try, eh?

    It's such a searing hot summer for so many. Wonder if the plants will rebound in the fall when things cool down for you? Will hollyhocks grow and bloom then or is the season lost?

  3. no hollyhocks this year. the plant is completely gone. will have to wait until next spring to plant another.

  4. Beautiful words... beautiful photo!

    ;-) Debi

  5. Hey thanks, Debi! I'm what you might call bee-crazy lately, much better than boy-crazy ever was...ha.

  6. When you look at the essence of each person it is easier to forgive them for being complete meanies, etc.
    : )
    I have had to do that a lot lately. No, not in the bloggy world; in my everyday life/work.
    That picture is beautiful and thank you for the beautiful words today. : )

  7. You're so right, Marie! If I could only remember essence in the middle of a "situation"...sigh.

  8. Cindy, yes -- let us all bee wise!