Friday, July 15, 2011

honey moon

Any full moon landing on a Friday, ruled by Venus, seems special. For me, Fridays hold both a sense of accomplishment and a strong desire to celebrate. Exactly the same energy of a full moon. They go together perfectly and make this day double-wonderful. 

planet: capricorn

name: honey moon

feast: I don't cook on fridays

stitching: hexies

knitting: summer blue shawl

reading: beekeeping for dummies

harvesting: raspberries

medicine making: thyme honey

                        one of the birdhouse bees in the lemon thyme

Thyme honey is made by filling a jar, any size, with the aerial parts of thyme, Thymus vulgaris, and topping the jar with honey. For this batch, I want to use both leaves and blossoms -- so I filled half of the jar with leaves and just barely covered them with honey -- when the thyme comes into full bloom, I'll collect the blossoms, add them to the jar and fill the jar to the top with honey. After a few weeks of infusing, it will be potent enough to calm a cough, soothe a sore throat, and help relieve other symptoms of colds and flu. Thyme is antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and antiseptic. As if that's not enough, it's also useful as a topical wound treatment to reduce inflammation and prevent infection.

This is a breathtaking clip of the super moon last March, best seen with a full screen -- amazing!

Happy honey moon weekend! xo


  1. That has to be the ideal way to view any moon for me, but what an incredible colour!

  2. Beautiful moon!
    Thank you for sharing about Thyme...I always learn something new from you :)

  3. Lyn, oh my gosh, do you see it rise over the water like this all the time? That would be heaven. I've never in my life seen this or wasn't paying attention if I have.

  4. Marie, thank you -- you're out east, right? Do you see the moon rise over the ocean? I'm so jealous of people who get to!

  5. Hi Woman with wings, I am east but, I am an hour + from the ocean. The funny thing is I have seen the moon looking big big big a few times coming home from work and I always wish I had a camera. When I lived on the West coast I could saw some beautiful moons. I remember seeing close-up a striking large red moon once!

  6. I always try to see the full moon rise over my ocean, but last night it was raining heavily. And Thursday night was cloudy and threatening rain :-( This seems to happen most full moons so a clear night is special.

  7. Ooooo...I am so glad to have watched this beautiful moon here! Wow! I'm in the west and I did see the most amazing red mood - sitting larger than large right on the highway in front of me coming home one night. I came up a slight grade, around a slight bend and BAM there it was right in front of me. It was so breathtaking, I seriously gasped and welled up with tears. I wished I had a camera that night for sure!
    On another note - I have been having the worst troubles embeding you tube videos on my blog...any tips??? Haha, no really?

  8. Jo, well you're absolutely in the right place there in FL -- a full moon suspended over rippling water is seriously the ultimate!

  9. Hi Nancy in the west, that's an amazing moment you had with the red moon, and I can understand the emotion you felt. We don't have red moons here in CO for some reason...? I think I saw some other bloggers lamenting something like this -- is it slow loading off my blog or when you go directly to youtube? I usually have better luck going to youtube and letting it load without even trying to watch the first time -- then I start it over from the beginning and it works without the pauses. They gotta pick it up over there at youtube.

  10. It was fine watching it here. I do the same thing when watching any video - I let it load first by pressing play-the pause until it's loaded. I just can't seem to embed them from You Tube into my blog. I did it once and have had no success since. :( Arggg...

  11. I wonder if red moons have to do with pollution in the air, like sunsets do? That would be sad.

    I'm steeping thyme in apple cider vinegar right now...

  12. Nancy, now I get it. I posted how I do it on your blog just now!

  13. Deb, you're right -- the super moon was red/orange because of the volcano in Chile, I think. But maybe that's not always the case. I hope not.
    You'll have a delicious, healthy, AND healing vinegar!

  14. so many marvelous moons in your last few posts, love those little ones you're stitching around. and i don't cook on fridays either!

  15. Cindy, thanks about the moons! Part of our weekend ritual has always been to go out for dinner on Friday nights. Even when our kids were little and we could only be gone for an hour or so, if I was nursing, etc. Some nights we'd be back home by 7! But we had dinner out, by golly.