Thursday, May 26, 2011

marinated nettles

Last Sunday, I put on some gloves, got the kitchen shears and a jar, and went to visit our little nettle patch. I cut enough nettle tops to fill the jar; then I filled it halfway with apple cider vinegar and topped it off with olive oil. After putting the lid on, I shook it thoroughly and set the jar on the counter for three days, shaking it again at least twice each day.

At the same time, I filled another jar with various wild weeds -- catnip, orache, mallow, lamb's quarters, and dandelion -- and prepared them the same way.

Both versions are delicious, good on/in any-and-everything, even by the forkful. Keep refrigerated after the three-day marinating time.

This morning I made an omelet with the marinated nettles and some cheddar cheese.

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  1. interesting...are you infusing the water with the nettle by allowing it to sit for 3 days? Or softening the nettle? :)

  2. Oh this I must try! But I have to ask. They wont sting after this treatment?

  3. Marie, there's no water involved here. Just snip the tops and put in the jar, fill halfway with apple cider vinegar, then fill to the top with a good olive oil. Then let it sit for 3 days. That's it!

  4. Somliga dagar, after 3 days there's no sting! So versatile, we had them last night on lettuce salad -- no need for any additional vinaigrette or other dressing. They are just delicious! Hope you like them, let me know!

  5. OHHHHHHHHHHHHH Nettles...i'd give
    just about anything for spring
    nettles right now. your omlet
    has me droooooling.... nettles in the desert.
    but...i suppose i could plant a
    little batch along the river somewhere???? hmmmmmm.

  6. Grace, I'm sorry you miss them so much! I love them, too, they're one of my favorite plants and it took a long time to get them to grow here. Finally. I bet you could along the river -- it's just that they need water, they seem to do fine in the heat, at least here they do . . . ?

  7. Wonderful recipe! I just found a perfect place for harvesting stinging nettles and this is one of the first recipes I made with my loot.

    I started with some vinegar/oil mix in the bottom of the glass and the shook the glass now and then while filling it; the idea was to make sure that all the leaves are coated. Now I'm counting the days till I can try this!

    In your experience, how long does this keep in the fridge?