Tuesday, May 17, 2011

moon rays

Today is the full moon, time again to acknowledge and celebrate goodness, abundance, and fulfillment. I haven't yet named this moon . . .  it will come . . . but its moon rays make these things stand out for me today.

kitchen magic: making moons emerge from cloth

knitting: a little something for the chain link fence

stitching: moons onto cloth

out of the dye-pot: elderberries

into the dye-pot: onion skins

gardening: dozens of seedlings waiting for warm weather

harvesting: greenest greens ever

reading: this gift, an out-of-print dye book for the very region I live in

admiring: the greenest (and longest) grass ever

infusing: lemon balm moon infusion to deepen meditation

What are those moon rays shining on in your life today?


  1. Happy full moon day! I love seeing all you are doing...it inspires me.
    I did a bit of crochet today while waiting at the dentist for daughter #2. Great to see all the gardening happening :)

  2. Always intriguing and inspirational. You live a full life.

  3. Marie, happy full moon to you, too! It's nice to list things sometimes, makes me realize that maybe I'm not spinning my wheels all day long. Crocheting, oh how I want to learn that.

  4. Helen, like I just told Marie up there, things look a little brighter (and maybe more impressive than they really are) on a nice, neat list!