Wednesday, March 2, 2011

semi-homemade: rosa body wash

rosa body wash was made. Another one of those I can't believe I didn't make this before moments. So easy, works great with a shower pouf -- it can also be a hand wash or bubble bath. And you can make any fragrance you'd like, using essential oils.

                                                                                                                      ingredients for body wash
body wash
1 cup unscented, natural liquid soap
2 t. almond oil
5-? drops essential oil

Mix the ingredients in a bowl and decant into a plastic squirt bottle. If you label the bottle, and you really should, stick a piece of clear packing tape over your label. Otherwise, the ink will go right down the drain the minute it gets wet!

Note: The essential oil is up to you -- as always, start small and keep adding. I used a rose otto essential oil diluted in jojoba oil so needed 15 drops. Pure Bulgarian rose essential oil is very expensive so it's often diluted in a carrier oil. I love it no matter how it comes. In case you're wondering, I used all-natural liquid dish soap and find that it's very mild, not too harsh, just right.

                                                                                                                            rosa body wash

Something else I've rediscovered is dry skin brushing -- using a brush for a few minutes before taking a shower exfoliates and detoxifies. It stimulates the oil-secreting glands, the lymphatic system, and circulation at the same time. There's more but that's all I'll mention for now. The idea is to use a brushing motion from toes up and head down towards the heart, following the same path that lymph travels. The brushing should be followed by a nice hot shower or bath, with a cool rinse for about 30 seconds to close the pores -- that means just cooler than body temperature for me, but opinions vary. Plus, I've read that a cool rinse makes your hair shiny. The brush, itself, needs to be washed once in a while, too. You can find them at healthy-food stores or on-line.

It probably goes without saying -- this body wash costs quite a bit less than buying brand-name body wash. If you make any, I'd love to hear how you like it and what fragrance you use!


Notjustnat said...

Thanks Peggy, I will try this. Unscented natural liquid soup, that could be hard to get. I will start searching, maybe online shop stores - Hugs Nat

Marie said...

Love Aura Cacia brand.
I am fond of Edgar Cayces Rosewater,
labeled under Heritage Products.
They use vor-mag water and rose oil.
Have you tried it?
: )

woman with wings said...

Nat, hope you find some and that you like it when you do!

woman with wings said...

Marie, I think I've used it -- in a mister bottle? -- a long time ago. Also their castor oil. When it was mail-order only. I can't remember why the castor oil, but Edgar Cayce used it for lots of things, right? I'll look for it again and the Aura Cacia products, too -- thanks for the heads up!

Herryponting said...

I like all product of Aura Cacia happy for using these..
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