Monday, March 7, 2011

3 norn moonday

                                                                                                                                         3 norn moon

Oh, you don't don't know how much I hesitate to show this piece. But I did take that other little pledge down there on the sidebar -- this time the pledge is about showing and sharing your process. I seem to be taking a lot of pledges lately! I don't hate 3 norn moon (a/k/a 3 fates) but I don't love it yet either. The idea here is a hall of life that has three windows: green for the young, maiden years; red for the middle, mother years; and purple for the feisty-wise, crone years. I thought about doors but they looked better as windows. The purple is the largest because that is what is just ahead for me now. There will have to be some creative stitching on this and maybe even some couching around the windows. The moon is from this old project #1 (another pledge -- big sigh) and I had hoped to capitalize somehow on the angles. I was offered some great suggestions (bird's beak, moon rays among others -- thank you!) but this seemed like my easiest option because it's so small.

Today is a waxing crescent moonday in Aries when things are building, growing, and progressing. You may have noticed by now that as the moon moves through the planets, its effects on the body work from the top down -- beginning with the head under Aries and continuing downward to the feet under Pisces. Aries rules the head including the parts to just below the nose. As always, treatments for healing are well-used at this time while it's also good to avoid stressing the same parts.

Aries can be an impatient, stimulating and hot energy around the head making it a common time for headaches and migraines. If you're a migraine sufferer, it might be worth noting under what lunar sign and phase the headaches come on. (I realize that if you have migraines, you're probably already tracking why and when they occur, but maybe having this additional information will be helpful.) Honestly, if I had migraines, I'd use these days, regardless of any existing pattern with Aries, to prevent an occurrence by staying hydrated, drinking relaxing herbal tea, and avoiding caffeine and sugar. I, myself, woke up this morning to a cold-sore on my top lip and that's a pain in my head!

The moon is getting close to the phase it was in when I was born, a waxing crescent 5-day-old moon. The stage of the moon at one's exact birth-time is that person's lunar birth phase and is believed to have an effect on the individual's personality. And, when it reaches that exact phase again each month, called the lunar return, it is experienced as a unique time for each of us. I am beginning to take note of the fifth day's qualities to see if any patterns emerge.

If you'd like to know what your lunar return is, try this website. Click on the picture of the moon at the bottom of your personalized page and you will receive more lunar information. Good stuff.

I'd love to know how you feel the Aries energy today!

                                                                                                                                     drink more water


Jo said...

When I first saw this picture, I thought it was three figures, from behind, wearing hooded robes. Now that I've read your description, I can see the windows, but I still see 3 women gliding along. Where are they leading you?

woman with wings said...

Jo, that gave me "truth-bumps"! Yes, three figures beyond each window and I'm getting ready to follow the purple crone. Thanks for sharing your insight!

Anonymous said...

The windows jumped right out at me...I love the stitching lines that are leading to the windows.

I just followed the link and it surprised me that it was the moon with the beak suggestion. It has a totaly different feeling now.

I like this alot...keep going.


deanna7trees said...

feels like i can jump right through those windows. great job.

woman with wings said...

Shishi, thanks for the encouragement, the "keep going" -- can always use that! The stitching worked pretty well as the walkway, I think . . . I'll probably let it rest for a little while now to see what's next.

woman with wings said...

Deanna, be careful! And, thanks -- do you remember when you saw so many things in the denim crazy squares and I asked if you wanted to come live with me?

deanna7trees said...

ha. yes, i remember.

Marie said...

I love the symbolism here.
I especially love the "feisty-wise, crone years" (maybe it is because I am moving in that direction :)
Thank you so much for the link. Yesterday I was searching for information on what happened on my birthday from an astrological perspective and did not find what I was looking for, but the link you shared was perfect!

woman with wings said...

Marie -- thanks -- I'm looking forward to a heck of a good time as a baby crone! So glad the link came in handy for you.