Friday, March 4, 2011

a moon is born

It's time. A new moon in Pisces is born today. Other things are emerging from the darkness of gestation, too. I am so glad to think of promise and potential! Even more so with Spring's arrival in a few weeks -- I hope it makes its due date.

just a few of the new beginnings in the moon basket today . . .

stitching ~~ practicing sashiko stitching where the stitch is longer than the spaces in between, love this.

planting ~~ in keeping with The Growing Challenge (sidebar) of starting from seed one vegetable crop (that you've never started before) for each season, eggplant is my choice. It was sort of hard to come up with something new to grow from seed that we will actually eat. And how perfect a new moon in Pisces is for starting a couple of 4-packs of this prolific Japanese eggplant! Another challenge I've set for myself is to grow, but not from seed necessarily, all the vegetables required to make ratatouille. That will be onions, garlic, tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, green peppers. A couple of other gimmicks for challenging myself are still in the planning phase.

greencrafting ~~ the inside-out box is smooth and sturdy, reminds me of linen. I thought about using it as a vision board surface and then reassembling it to be a holder of some sort. But it has other possibilities, as well. We'll see on this one, it needs more time in the basket.

concocting ~~ nice, plump ginger root has shown up at the healthy-food store so it's time to make ginger liqueur, my favorite. And ginger tea. And maybe some other things, too. Recipes next week.

inspiration ~~ Pronoia by Rob Brezsny, a wild and crazy, uplifting compilation that's beyond anything I've ever seen. Rob Brezsny must be a genius or a savant of some type. It's rowdy, it's like a hummingbird on red bull -- I laugh out loud when partaking of it in teeny-tiny doses. On the shelf since 2005, I'm only now appreciating it. When the student is ready, they say.

To possibilities with beginnings for all!


Marie said...

A basket full of goodness!
OK, ginger liquor sounds quite interesting.
Love fresh ginger mixed with sautéed vegetables.
I tried playing with sashiko, but as my children
say: "I epic-ly failed", will attempt again.
: )

woman with wings said...

Marie, ginger sounds so good right now, must be that we're coming out of a long winter, getting those juices flowing again -- yay! Oh, come on, I don't believe you weren't epic-ly successful at sashiko, I've seen your work!!

helen said...

Amazing how we all end up on the same page without even trying. I just got a book, needles and thread this past week to try my hand at sashiko. But if Marie had problems....future doesn't look as bright as I thought. Ha!

woman with wings said...

Helen, isn't that the way it is? So fun when we're on the same page without knowing it.
I think sashiko is just a new rhythmn -- so far it's actually easier for me than making uniform running stitches. I get way too fussy with them.
Hope I'm doing it right!

Jo said...

I'm on the same ginger page. I pulled mine out of the freezer a few days ago, thinking that I need to be eating this.
I love the Moon Basket idea...... and am thinking of what I would put in mine. My moon card is the Ace of Rivers -- which speaks of finding the source of one's strength and flowing with it.

Diana Trout {} said...

I love your blog! So much inspiration here. Loved the boro'd pillow and jeans. I used your recycled and sewn paper bags for packaging my holiday gifts this year. Thank you for that. It will be a mainstay with me.

woman with wings said...

Jo, there's that song "the river is flowing, flowing & growing, the river is flowing, back to the sea" -- just thought of that when I read your comment. Flowing & growing fits with the moon. Ginger, yum -- I'm craving it but it might be sugar I'm really wanting. Ha!

woman with wings said...

Hi Diana -- thanks for the kind words! And I'm so glad you liked the sewn paper bags at Yule! They were a lot of fun for me, too.