Monday, February 7, 2011

wanted: a night sky

                                                                                                                                3" moonweave

A little moon was woven the other night. It's tiny but bold. It reflects the colors of a sunset it once knew. Sky-less for now, it will find one on its own time. Cloth has a way of doing that, sort of like how people find each other.
On this energetic waxing moonday in Aries, a fire is lit to fuel projects and actions, perfect for the work of a waxing moon when things are growing. There is also a sense of impatience, which can actually be used to great advantage. I think of procrastination morphing into action, and barriers dissolving. This is when new ideas and desires seem to have a life of their own and are completed quickly and easily.

                                                                                                                                            ashiko moon 

I didn't sleep very well last night because I wanted morning to hurry up so I could get on with it! And then, the dogs seemed to be in a crazy hurry to go outside and then come right back in again. They were a handful on our walk yesterday, too, so that makes me wonder if they feel this lunar energy in the same way that I do. It's been said that dogs pick up on their person's mood, but could it be that they are influenced by the moon, as well?

Aries rules the upper part of the head including the eyes and nose.  Headaches, sinus problems, and colds with nasal congestion are well-treated now. To relieve congestion, help treat sinus infection, or to clear out allergens and irritants, rinsing with a neti pot and saline solution is near miraculous. Another trick for nasal congestion, and good to have bedside, is to open a bottle of peppermint essential oil, take one or two big sniffs, and feel things open up!

Do you notice the Aries energy today? Do you think your animal companions do?


Emmy said...

I loved to read your story and I agree I feel the energy and my cats feel it to
At this moment I am doing a course about the moon and its influence on earth and al living things
it is very interesting and so is your blog
with warm regards

deanna7trees said...

your weaving is delightful and i love seeing that beautiful drum.

woman with wings said...

Emmmy, thanks -- I wonder if cats are more sensitive than dogs. Or if there's any difference at all. . . I'm coming to visit your blog now, too!

woman with wings said...

Thanks, Deanna -- it was fun to make and the drum is pretty fun, too!

helen said...

The weaving and moon info is great. You remind me that I used to make up essential oil blends and herbal remedies and sell them at the farmer's market. Lot of work and hard to explain to people so I got away from it. But now reading your blog has got me a little nostalgic, perhaps I will play with some oils. :)helen salo

woman with wings said...

Helen, thanks -- and I hope you do get to play with some oils! So interesting how interests re-emerge, the spiral effect, yes?