Wednesday, February 23, 2011

this old project #1

As I mentioned a few days ago, I've pledged to resolve all my unfinished projects excluding anything begun in the last year. They must be revived, completed, deconstructed for stash, given away, buried or destroyed.

Anyway, this is what came out of my little pledge so far: Three denim crazy quilt squares (15") made out of my family's jeans plus one large bagful of cut-up jean parts. I had totally forgotten about this when I had cloth fever a while back.

I don't remember why I even started this whole crazy quilt business except it was a class and a reason to get a babysitter and out of the house in the '80's or '90's. Most of the jeans are small kids' size. I'm not as attached to the cloth as I once was and that's a good thing.

I'm not a big fan of the crazy angles in a crazy quilt, in general, and for sure not one made with denim. These are just plain homely, in my opinion. And if you think they don't look too bad, let me assure you they look worse in person. 

How about using 2 squares as the front & back of a bag for my drum? And, since a drum carrier should be padded, I could line it with this 70's red quilted fabric, too. I'd have to sew in a gusset but that'd be OK, the gusset could extend enough to turn into a carrying strap. This is one possible use of the squares. But they haven't gotten any better-looking and that's the real challenge.

And how about freeing this moon? That helped already, yes?

This old project #1 has potential, I think. It's a keeper. Has anyone ever rescued something this down and out? I would love some ideas. I'm not bound to the drum carrier idea . . .


  1. (salo) "one man's trash is another'
    s treasure" "Art is subjective" "pleasure is a personal thing" etc., etc. Meaning I LIKE these pieces and think you were too hard on them (ha) The moon is cool. but really I myself see the squares used many ways and not "homely" but perhaps if you did some stitching to make them more to your liking? even if it was machine free motion , as denim is hard to hand stitch through.

  2. Helen, thanks for being nice about them! I have felt such a creative block regarding these, and that's probably why I'm so hard on them. Yes, maybe if I just started something, anything -- new life would take form. . .

  3. ok..i have a REALLY crazy idea.
    will put it over in CWB ....

  4. Love the drum cover idea!
    I agree, that the denim sewn together looks good.
    Always makes me think of boro.

  5. Thanks, Marie, I feel sort of bad for coming down so hard on them -- a few ideas are incubating now though and that's good!

  6. Hmmm, put the moon on one piece, weave in some cloth strips, stitch some moonbeams.... maybe that will disguise the angles you don't like!

  7. Jo, oh yes, moonbeams can transform any piece. Thanks...I'm actually seeing a lot of potential now, am grateful for the ideas.