Thursday, February 3, 2011

semi-greencraft: skirt turns hooded scarf

This is a partial re-make -- half the cloth is used, half is new.

A longish woman's wool skirt was thrifted specifically to make this hooded scarf for this girl. She picked out the bright, happy organic cotton for the lining from our favorite (and also locally-owned) fabric shop.

After washing the skirt in hot water to felt it as much as possible (which wasn't much in the high-efficiency washing machine) and taking it apart, it needed to be seamed together again in several places to accomodate the length of the scarves, they are long. Matching the plaid was also an unexpected necessity that made this a way longer process than I would've ever dreamt. So fi-nal-ly this hooded scarf is done and ready to be worn -- and good timing, too, with the zero degree temperatures we've been having!

It's versatile -- it can be worn with the scarf ends untied and hanging loose. Or as a cowl. Or even tied snugly under the chin. I first saw it made up here.

The wool is from Goodwill. The vintage button is from my mother's stash. The pattern is a jamie christina and the cotton is from Fancy Tiger. The girl is one of mine.


  1. this is really great! I might have to get me one of those patterns. :)
    We have just had the first "blizzard" in years and I could surely have used one.I love the Button it really adds a nice touch.

  2. Nice scarf! We got a new washing machine a few years ago and the darn thing does a terrible job of felting. I've pretty much had to give up knitting something that needs felting. Funny thing though, the washer ties the clothes in knots and stretches them (especially the sleeves) to the point of ruin.

  3. Helen, thanks! And well you know this scarf would also be great for riding in a convertible!
    "Blizzards" everywhere -- snowing here, too. The part I worry about is the power.

  4. Thanks, Kathy -- we must have the same washing machines!