Monday, September 24, 2012

cricket moonday

Familiar signs of the changing season are everywhere now. Crickets slow and lengthen their chirps in step with each drop in temperature. Trees slow down and stop chlorophyll production allowing the leaves to show their beautiful true colors of gold, orange, and red.  Such collaboration in Nature is breathtaking. If we humans slow down, might we discover our true and beautiful selves, too? And how awesome would that collective result be?

Here is the beautiful result of crickets collaborating their song -- as they sound to themselves -- slowed down to human timing.

Today is a waxing moonday about to enter the sign of Aquarius. Aquarian energies enhance things best done in groups for the greater good -- and because Aquarius is associated with new ideas and inventions, it is a great time to make improvements. Also, cooperation of resources, building connections, and reaching outward, like Nature does.

Aquarius affects the lower leg -- the calves and ankles. The legs carry us forward. Maybe we just don't need to go quite so fast?

At whatever pace you choose, I wish you a beautiful week.


deanna7trees said...

an amazing video. how much is out there of which we are unaware. we had an amazing amount of crickets here this summer. i will listen differently from now on. i'm going to share this video with others. thank you for sharing it here.

ArtSings1946 said...

Thanks for reminding me that it's a waxing moon now. I've been so over emotional in the past few days ... I wonder if that's why ... but actually I do have reasons to be upset ... I need to learn to get mad not sad. Anyway, love this post and when I's able to get to it, I really enjoy your blog. Oh, you're in Vermont aren't you. YOU ARE SO LUCKY to have Bernie !!

Happiness always,

Anonymous said...

THAT is truly amazing! amazing. thank you. "what else" indeed?!!

Nat Palaskas said...

It's an amazing vedio, I can even listen to it while I type. Thanks for sharing - it's great!

Nancy said...

This video is go cool! I caught Deanna's FB posting of it and shared it with friends! I also heard the story of the fireflies in Tennessee in June. Amazing! Here's info:

Nature really is a gift!