Monday, July 11, 2011

summer blues moonday

It seems like every summer I get a sleep thing. I attribute it to resetting my circadian rhythm, earlier and later daylight hours, morning sounds through opened windows, the birds, the moon, my birth season, etc. It's actually quite amazing how many totally unrelated reasons I can come up with for a sleep thing. But I was just reading about reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder -- summer blues -- and wonder now if I might have a touch of it. There has been a lot of blue around here lately.

 This moonday the moon is waxing with the impatient and energetic forces of fiery Sagittarius. Sagittarius days are not the easiest because we want to do it all, and right now. We want to stretch out and go within at the same time. So I say go out to the garden or take a long walk where you can center yourself right there in Nature's glory.  Careful though -- Sagittarius affects the lower back down to the thighs and sciatic nerve problems can be more easily aggravated (or healed) under its rule.

Come to think of it, Sagittarius energy is extremely similar to summer energy!

The summer blue shawl up there is from the same pattern as Deb's and can be found here.


liniecat said...

Maybe its a storage time, so you sleep to store up energy and thus make sure your get up and go, is well stocked! lol

woman with wings said...

Lyn, oh I wish it was that way but it's a lack of, rather than a surplus -- I stay up too late and get over-tired which makes for restless sleep after which I wake up at the crack of dawn (well, not quite!)and have a latte to wake up and the darned cycle continues.

Marie said...

What a beautiful shawl. I wonder if I could crochet it? I don't knit.
Love the blue color you chose.
I have had "blue" days too! :/
Is the card in the background related to 2 of pentacles?

woman with wings said...

Thank you, Marie! It's really just a huge dish/wash cloth so any pattern that you crochet a dish cloth with would work. I'm really enjoying just knitting and not worrying about following a pattern.

It's the 3 of Pentacles! Do you use that deck, too?

Marie said...

Good to know about the shawl, thank you.
I was given the Waite Tarot Deck as a gift and at first I was not sure I really cared for it but after using it and coming to know it better I can say it is "ok". My real interest is in these:
She only recently made them available for under $200. She spent 10 years drawing, meditating and praying over creating them. Check out her site and let me know what you think. What I love most about what she has done is that she comes from a heart space and she approaches life from a positive perspective whereas I feel the Waite deck just seems not as positive.

woman with wings said...

Marie, I forgot to say you would make the "dish cloth" into a triangle instead of a square for this shawl. It's basically starting with 4 stitches and increasing until it's the size you want. And however you make eyelets in the border in crochet, you would do that, too, for some interest.

Oh yes, Joanna P. C.'s Gaian cards look amazing! That truly is unbelievably inexpensive, isn't it, under $20? She creates beautiful art and I think the Universe is telling you something here!! I've never used a traditional tarot deck -- I'm attached to the Herbal Tarot after so many years together but also love the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards. Together, they do the job. Another thing is I never take reverse meanings on any card, to me that sometimes gives a negative vibe. Everything's upright -- right or wrong, that's how I do it!

Marie said...

Thank you for the info on the shawl.
Yes, Joanna's cards are now around $20, but before she had those to offer she was selling her cards in an exclusive limited edition and that was somewhere around $247. The cards came with a beautiful hand-dyed handmade pouch,a signed and numbered title card,a signed companion book,an amulet of your choice tied to the bag, and a small bag of blessing herbs. I believe I have seen both of the sets of cards you have while looking through a New Age shop I have been to.
I agree about not using reverse meanings. I do not use them either.
Thanks again. :)

Deb G said...

Your shawl looks great! It really is a super easy, don't need to think about it pattern. I think your translation to crochet is exactly right.

handstories said...

what an amazing blue, what yarn is this? I, too, am staying up way too late, because i'm off work for the summer and can (i love summer nights), unfortunately, mr. moon still wakes up at long as I don't have to think too much, we're muddling through.

woman with wings said...

Thanks, Deb -- you got something going, I guess!

woman with wings said...

Cindy, the yarn is Colinette Yarns, "One Zero" -- the color is Salty Dog -- made in Wales. It's one of those yarns that's such a pleasure to knit. Well "they" say we only need, what, six hours? But I need more than that!