Monday, July 18, 2011

flying dreams moonday

I pay attention to my dreams when I remember them. My favorite dreams are flying dreams so the quilt I'm working on, that I've been working on, and that I will be working on -- is named flying dreams. Its symbolism goes beyond the dreamworld, the sky is definitely not the limit.

This waning moonday in the sign of dreamy Pisces is an empathic, intuitive time. Pisces energy can enhance our creativity and help us get past blockages in our projects.  Too, if we use our intuition, we can balance an over-active imagination and the feelings of being overwhelmed that accompany it. I definitely felt and drew on Pisces this morning.

The feet are influenced by Pisces, the last planet of the moon's journey -- it began with Aries affecting the head. Conditions of the feet are either more easily worsened or more readily healed now. I've read that Pisces days intensify everything that we take into our bodies -- one theory on this is the feet contain the endpoints of all the meridians and healing for the entire body can be stimulated through points on the feet through reflexology. So the feet are really much more than just the feet.

Sort of like a dream is really much more than just a dream if you fly in it.

Do you notice your creativity is revved up today?


  1. fab fab fab orb.
    I used to fly for a living, (RAF Loadmaster) but rarely ever had flying dreams..........odd that....!
    Great piece and name for it.
    Will post poppies soon :0

  2. i feel like my head is just vibrating w/ideas lately. i am a pisces- and flying dreams...the best one was one i had in kindergarten- just running w/friends down a hill & my feet lifted off, for a long time i thought it had really happened, actually, i'm still not sure- i can still feel it. love what's happening on that cloth. what are the words about? & the stitching around the circles makes them look so deep!

  3. I'm really liking your cloth design! And yes, I have been going like a little energizer bunny today working on a piece of wall art. I started it about 3 1/2 years ago and these past two weeks I've been working on it. The funny thing is that I've been adding more and more layers and then this afternoon took one side of it back to the beginning. It's a stand of trees that I had been painting leaves on. I wasn't happy with the way the leaves were started years ago and so I took that whole side back to just the tree trunks. I'm really excited to see where it goes from here. I love the original idea, but I've changed in the past couple of years and so have the techniques I'm using. Anyway, I had to let you know that I was energized creatively today!

    xx ;-) debi

  4. Thanks, Lyn! How did you ever manage RAF with children -- or was that BK -- "before kids" -- as we say around here?

    Thanks for the poppies!

  5. Cindy -- double Pisces for you then, my dear so go for it!

    In a flying dream, it's just so easy, I'm sure I'll be able to do it when I wake up!

    The writing is from some Rumi cloth I made a while back under the "written word cloth projects" label -- a poem called There is a Kiss.

  6. Debi, very cool. Your day sounds like textbook Pisces moon influence, doesn't it? Wow.

    I love that you had the COURAGE to take your piece back like that. It will be better than ever, I bet. I bet it was exhilerating to release it. Which is the work of the waning moon. You are in the flow!

  7. I love this piece! Especially the written words. I can not read them but somehow words or symbols really attract me.
    I have not had a dream of flying for many many years :/
    Once, as an adult, my oldest son was probably 4, I remember stepping out of my body while sleeping and walking past his room and descending down the stairs.In the dream
    I realized my feet were not touching the stairs and I became frightened and I woke up.

  8. Thank you, Marie! What a cool out-of-body dream you remember -- oh, don't you wish you wouldn't have woken up? What magical place were you going off to that night...

  9. I love this. The words attract me, of course! It seems as if words are showing up lately! :)
    I used to have a reoccurring dream as a child that I was running in circles under the clotheslines out back. I just ran faster and faster, until my feet lifted off the ground and I began to fly! Around the same time, I remember being lifted off the ground by my umbrella on very windy-rainy days! Honest, I was a skinny little thing!

    I'm an aires - how does that fit in?
    Beautiful cloth! (((smile)))

  10. Thank you, Nancy -- oh, I like reading how you used to take-off for your flying!

    An energetic Aries, you are always moving, doing, creating, and choosing, so it only makes sense that you fly, too, yes?

  11. OH yes BK days.......... once upon a time lol