Monday, June 27, 2011

good enough moonday

I wrote on this stone three years ago, enough, as a reminder. I am enough. Smart enough, creative enough, fast enough, kind enough, spiritual enough, grounded enough, good enough. Enough.

Why do I keep forgetting that?

Today is a last-quarter waning moonday in the sign of Taurus. An opportune time for dismantling, sorting, putting in place. For releasing matters of the past. For tying up loose threads. Yesterday, the messy desktop nearly sorted, filed, and cleared itself; normally it's not so easily done. Hopefully, the same magic will be in play today with the computer area here and the walk-in closet that I can't set foot into. And goodness knows, there's a lot of dangling threads around the house.

Taurus rules the teeth, jaws, ears, throat and neck, including the thyroid gland -- the fifth chakra, the center of self-expression. The health of the thyroid gland is thought to reflect our sense of self and speaking our truth -- whether we feel lacking in some way and then need outside approval or are secure in ourselves. Along the same lines, the teeth represent our indecision -- the ears, our inner voice.

My stress list from last moonday has grown. Stress is a reaction to an outside circumstance and I want to change my inner response. Sometime this week before the new moon on Friday, I'll go to the garden altar and offer the list to the power of fire and transformation. I'll scatter its ashes in the garden if the wind doesn't carry them off first. And then trust that I've tried hard enough.

You are enough. xo


Jo said...

Isn't it nice to do tasks that are in line with the flow of the moon's energy! We cleaned and organized the garage this weekend, and now when I go out to do laundry, there's room enough to stand and move by the washer and dryer. Today, organizing the CD drawers! Even for just a half hour, that will also be enough.

I've been reading how stress comes from resisting What Is. Resistance, hmmm, and most of it unconscious -- something to muse over as I organize and clear the clutter!

woman with wings said...

Jo, oh yes! Definitely a sense of tapping in. This goes here and that's done and this there. Done. And so easily.

Makes sense -- the reaction to resist what is. I must trust in FIRE enough to help me change that.

Enjoy today's tasks! xo

Marie said...

I love the "enough" rock! and your beautiful loving words. What a great reminder. All that little inward self-doubting talk we do to ourselves needs a gentile reminder and what a perfect way to do it. :)

woman with wings said...

Thank you, Marie -- the rock has traveled around the house -- that way I don't get too used to it and it still reminds me....

nandas said...

just catching up on some blog reading... its been a long time since i have visited you! and this rock speaks to me... i think i will make one too...your words are perfect! thanks!

woman with wings said...

Nandas, I hope it helps you as it helps me! xo