Wednesday, June 8, 2011

sugar hand scrub

When you forget to put on gloves out in the garden, this is what your hands'll look like. It happens to me more often than it should. Last time I renewed my drivers license, they couldn't get a fingerprint from me, it took four fingers until one printed well enough -- it was a conundrum to the clerk -- she asked me what I did to my fingers and I said I gardened. I'd evidently scrubbed my fingerprints smooth with soap and a nail brush. Ever since then, I try to wear gloves, you never know when you'll need your fingerprints.

This is a nice gentle hand scrub. You simply fill a jar with sugar (I added more after this picture) and stir in unscented natural dish soap until you have the consistency of a loose paste. Then add a tablespoon of almond oil and about 10-15 drops of your-choice essential oils. The almond oil moisturizes and is a tremendous help for my hands -- they don't feel all dried out like they do with regular bar soap. 

I put a little wooden stick in the jar so I can stir it and glob it onto my hands. Or you could use a spoon. Both the sugar and the honey scrubs are handily by the sink, ready to clean, protect, and preserve those dirty fingerprints!


liniecat said...

I love these snippets of eco wisdom that you have tucked away in your head! Wonder if this would work on cracked heels too?
Have you got anything tucked up your sleeve that might help me shed a stone too please?
(Okay I know, self discipline yes.....but failing that? lol)

woman with wings said...

Hi Lyn! I use the honey scrub in the shower but haven't really concentrated on my heels. And believe me, they are a mess. Every summer. I need a power sander! I'm going to try this on my feet though, you've got me wondering if this would be nice before or after a nice herbal foot bath. So thanks for planting the idea... The weight, oh gad, we can't even start on that one! The pleasure trinity of life -- wine, coffee and chocolate -- can't do without.