Friday, June 24, 2011

hexed (in a good way)

The other day I stopped in at Fancy Tiger, a little locally-owned fabric and yarn shop crammed full of good stuff. To just look, you know. But I was weak, I think from all that cleaning and gardening I've been doing around here lately.

The first thing I wanted was the t-shirt yarn from Cape Town, South Africa. Really, I wanted the pattern that was on the label so I had to get the yarn. Then I saw the Moda bee cloth and well, I do have some bees in the birdhouse in the back -- it was meant to be. And then as long as I was stash-building, why not pick up a few fat quarters?

Oh, and an Amy Butler pattern.

But that was all.

As I was knitting, I realized this little camera case was a hexagon. Hmm, look at that, the yarn is named Be Sweet with a bee graphic on the label. Aren't the bees in the birdhouse in the back making little wax hexagons all day long? And come to think of it, that bee cloth has hexagons, and don't I have those little plastic forms to make hexagons.

I was hexed (in a good way).

Bee happy this weekend! xo


  1. Ha! Love it! (smiles)
    I have a friend who is a quilter who does "bee" quilts. Her work is extraordinary.
    I get "weak in the knees" when I go into the specialty fabric and yarn shops.
    It makes me like a kid in the candy store! Have a great weekend :)

  2. p.s. that should be: "makes me feel like a kid in the candy store."

  3. Bees and chicken wire, very nice fabric. Did you do anything to attract the bees to the birdhouse? I have one that birds never use, but it would be lovely to persuade the bees to use it...

  4. You did well to restrained yourself to only those. I stopped going anywhere near fabric shop these days. Even though I don't need any, they have a habit of following me home :). Cute hexagon camera case! - Hugs Nat

  5. Oh the temptations! This post made me smile.

  6. Marie, exactly -- a candy store it is!

  7. Suzanna, we didn't do anything special to attract the bees -- we are a little concerned about winter survival so we're brainstorming on how to give them a little more protection, etc. Beekeepers tell us it's not really the ideal situation, but we figure we need to trust in the intelligence of Nature on this one!

  8. Thank you, Nat! I will be stitching it together this weekend. I felt sort of guilty about buying new cloth with all the controversy around cotton -- pesticides, Monsanto, etc. -- but what's done is done. That will be all for a while, back to thrift stores!

  9. Deb, yup, life is full of them! Next time I'll only look at the yarn and patterns and stay clear of cloth, period. Too much cotton guilt to carry around (see above comment)!