Monday, June 20, 2011

pisces moonday dreams

The first sweet drawstring bag to hold this year's dream blend -- didn't want to bother getting out the sewing machine because it's just so nice to hand sew a few straight seams. Maybe this will prime me for more stitching action on my other pieces. This is being made from a rosey bed sheet that my friend gave me and I just looked all over for some plain cotton string for the drawstring, but guess I'm out.

Today we move into a waning moonday in Pisces. In keeping with the moon's energy of reducing and decreasing, we too can decrease things in our life. Stress is something we all seem to work at lessening. We hold it in our bodies creating dis-ease and dis-comfort, it affects assimilation and digestion of food, disrupts our sleep, and we make ill-thought decisions under stressful conditions. That's the short list.

Becoming conscious of what causes stress is the half of it, they say. Write down on one piece of paper all the things that set you off. I know what they are because my fists clench and I find myself holding my breath. On the last days of this moon's cycle, use the transformational power of fire and burn the paper, knowing that although you can't always change the conditions that cause stress, you can change your response to them. And again, "they" say, when we change, everything else can change. The first thing on my list will be our dogs barking from inside the house at people outside walking their own dogs.

The moon in the water sign of Pisces is dreamtime, when we are more sensitive and intuitive. Pisces influences our feet and increases the effect of anything we take into our bodies -- food, medicines, herbs, alcohol, etc. The weather often reflects Pisces with increased humidity or precipitation; now is when seeds are well-planted so we need to run out during lulls in the rain to get them into the ground.

Do you remember your dreams and then forget them right away? The Talmud says a dream which is not interpreted is like a letter which is not read. I'm on and off with dream journaling. But last night I had a dream that could not be forgotten and I'm so glad that I spent a little time examining it. It led me to the realization (and the little exercise up there) that I can change my response to stress and that I can trim away things in my life to make room for new things ahead. In my dream, I was a tree-- and it required some time of reflection to realize the meaning. But it was an act of engaging and embracing mystery, something that I very much do want in my life.

And so, I wish you memorable Piscean dreams.


Martine said...

.........last night i dreamt of doing something, forgot what, but it felt very good...........
Now i'm going to celebrate this longest day and wish you long hours of sunshine!

Marie said...

There is something so comforting about picking up a thread and needle :)
I like the idea of having a small "ceremony" and writing down all the causes of stress and using the power of fire to "burn" those things away.
Thank you for the reminder about "change and changing ourselves".
Happy Summer Solstice <3

cindy said...

this is exactly what i am working on, changing my responses... i will try the ritual.

woman with wings said...

Martine, yes! So nice to have a whole day of sunshine (with only a few clouds) ahead -- Happy Solstice celebrating to you!

woman with wings said...

Yes, even if I've been rushing around, taking time to sit and stitch a couple of 4" seams can really change the mood.

My stress list hasn't had anything added to it for about 3 hours now! Yay.

woman with wings said...

Cindy -- oh me too. It always comes down to us, doesn't it? No matter how much I'd like to put it on to external circumstances and other people.