Tuesday, February 15, 2011

greencraft: mousepad makeover

A mousepad makeover . . . don't laugh.

 One of the kids had an attachment to our Three Stooges mousepad so it moved out when
he did. This is what we've been using. It was time for a change.

I traced and cut out the full-moon shape, then sanded it lightly to take any
shiny off. Found some bright cotton in stash and again cut out a circle
but about an inch larger all around.

Went outside with the pad, the cotton, spray glue and a pizza box
from a birthday party the night before.

        Trimmed around the edge with a sharp scissors.

                             Love it.                       


Cheryl Razmus said...

Peggy, my "South Park" mouse pad is so grimy any worn and this would work so well to revitalize it. Thanks for the idea!

woman with wings said...

Cheryl, you're very welcome! I figure it can be changed with the seasons from now on.