Friday, September 4, 2015

the spiral

I wanted to sort something by color. This is most of my embroidery floss, but not all. Next time I'm in a sorting-by-color mood, it'll be books. 

The garden is going full-speed trying to make up for lost time. Japanese beetles have been traveling westward since 1916 and they've finally arrived safe and sound and in great numbers from what I hear. I've only found about 15-20 so consider myself lucky -- they're beautiful beetles which doesn't help matters any.

These are Chinese 5-Color Peppers from a plant I bought last May. I'm going to ask the hot-pepper-lover around here to taste test them.

A dandelion puff on a shelf in the kitchen.

The prompt was Q & A for my Journal52 Week25 art journal page -- I have the question but no answer, sorry.

The kale chip recipe suggested by Michelle in comments last week -- they were all gone 24 hours later -- actions speak louder than words.

Still loving this little vase I made with the bright spirits. It's almost always filled with flowers from the garden.

I scoured 12 ounces of cotton fiber yesterday -- simmered it in water/washing soda/dishwashing soap for two hours. I've never had great results with cotton in the dye-pot (other than in the indigo vat) but this extra step in the process may change all that.

And here we are at the beginning again. Summer is flying by and sometimes I feel sad that it's all happening too fast. But then I remember life is like traveling a spiral and a year from now we'll be back at this same place on the spiral. Only better -- and wilder -- and hopefully wiser too. xo


  1. such beautiful peppers. i didn't have much luck with my veges the past 2 years. it just gets too hot too quickly here. love your color spiral. i might check out that kale chip recipe. my last try was not very successful.

  2. oh the color... and those peppers!

  3. Peggy~Peggy~Peggy...these colors in thread and peppers are just wonderful!

  4. love the pepper colours, can you eat them at any stage?
    India Flint taught us to soak cotton in cheap soya milk or the rinsings from a yogurt pot to add protein, then the colour adheres more, assuming this is plant dye you are using.

  5. Those peppers look like the old-fashioned Christmas tree lights! I'm definitely going to try those kale was interesting how she stripped the leaves off the stem. Beautiful organized thread!!!

  6. Woman With Wings... flying with colors! Your posts are always a feast for the eyes. Really every little thing is art, if we only care to take a look, which I see you do so well.

  7. This bursting forth at Summers end!
    The fullness and clarity of it!
    Last chance is never the last.
    Oh what pretty things.
    How glorious.