Monday, April 20, 2015

spring things

Their bloom was interrupted for several days but this is still a good year for lilacs -- they survived rain, snow, and freezing temperatures. And so fragrant, it's almost too much.

The origami seed packets are for an outreach project of my herb group. Did you know the Monarch butterfly is at risk because of loss of habitat, specifically milkweed? Milkweed is its only food source in the larval stage but agricultural methods, population growth, and weather have nearly destroyed the natural stands of milkweed. There is a big movement to replant whatever milkweed is native to your area. Even though you may not live along the Monarch butterfly's migratory route, there are many strays and they will visit your milkweed until they get back on track. It is sobering to realize how far out of control the situation became.

Not much time for stitching lately but this month's pathway sewing ritual will be "in the green." It has to be, everything is green everywhere I look. I only have two more books left to read in the Outlander book series so thought I'd prolong the inevitable by reading something else, The Orphan Train. So far so good.

Week 13 of Journal52 is spring cleaning. Cleaning is not one of my strengths, but garden clean-up is different. I love seeing how all the plants are doing, which ones are returning, who's gone toward the light.

Astrologically-speaking, a few big things happen today -- the sun moves into Taurus and a waxing moon enters Gemini. I guess you could say things are going and growing -- growing under earthy Taurus and going (here and there) with airy Gemini. Sounds like spring.


  1. Oh, so good of you to be able to help the butterflies! Love the journal page. Our green is already turning brown. A few fires over the weekend...I fear it will be a long summer this year. That looks like a good book :)

  2. I love to see lilac, the heads are so bountiful and joyous and then there's that glorious scent.
    They are a nostalgic part of my childhood and guess they captured a period I hark back to.
    The only sad part is when the flowers go brown and end.
    The tree I had was so tall you couldn't dead head the upper reaches!
    We finally have flowers and foliage bursting over here too.
    Such wonderful promise!

  3. Your lilacs are so full and open, mine are just beginning to bud and with this cold and rainy weather we're having it may be a few weeks.
    I laughed at your journal cover, too cute. Your journal covers have all turned out wonderful.
    It's scary about the monarchs and of course the bees. What a mess man has made of his world.
    Love the seed packets, every thing we can do helps. Happy Earth Day!

  4. Thanks, Nancy -- hoping your weather changes. It is very much in the news...

  5. Hi Lyn, lilacs do go south pretty quickly all right. Hope you have a glorious spring in your new home!

  6. Thanks, Kathy -- I'm so far behind on the journaling but if I rush, then it won't be fun anymore, I decided. Yeah, bees and butterflies and who knows what else. Maybe we're starting to smarten up.

  7. GUESS WHAT?! METEOR SHOWER ENDS EARTH DAY THIS YEAR The best time to catch the shower is between about 11 pm on April 22nd and sunrise on April 23rd, in any timezone in the northern hemisphere - Yay!

  8. Thanks for this Michelle! Will take a look before I go to bed tonight. Happy Earth Day!

  9. Lilacs is full bloom here too. Not warm enough for much scent though. Sometimes I can smell them walking down the street. Love the seed packets!

  10. Thanks Deb! They'll probably bloom longer in cooler temperatures so that might be a really good thing.