Friday, June 6, 2014


This has been the perfect spring for angelica to grow and thrive -- and by the looks of it, there will be many seedlings to share next year. She grows in the lunaria garden and I do hope they get along all right, giving each other the space they need. About as tall as me, I am reminded of a woman standing watch over the little ones at her feet. According to the doctrine of signatures -- the idea that a plant treats the body part or condition that it resembles -- angelica, with its hollow tube of a stalk that resembles the tubes of the body, heals bronchial (tube) congestion and enhances blood circulation (vessels and veins). The Herbal Tarot describes angelica as an herb that encourages communication with the angelic realm and following the heart's path with faith and certainty.

It feels awkward to knit on such big needles for the shoulder cozy, I think I prefer small ones. I bet a lot of people feel the same. It's always a relief for me to knit up a tiny hexipuff on size 3's or whatever they are. I suppose if I knew how to knit socks, I might turn to socks for large-needle relief.

That vintage crocheted pillow was made by my mother or maybe her mother, not sure. I took it apart to be cleaned and must have thrown out the old insert -- deciding now if I should make a new one or take the easy way and just stuff it with fiberfill, which is the direction I'm leaning. As you can see, it's pretty bright but it'll be a nice pop of color on our gray retro-style sofa. Actually, I'm surprised that there was anything this BRIGHT anywhere in my parents' home. But there it is.

Thanks for visiting and happy weekending following your heart's path. xo


  1. Hello Peggy......I love your angelica do you use it.....tea, salves? Your shoulder cosy's a soft pretty colour. And who says you can't knit socks???

    I planted some heartsease this week, a little violet-like plant, I feel my heart needs it now with the smoky invasion of my home.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Angelica are such elegant architectural looking plants.
    My tubes could do with abit of help lol
    great that the fun coloured cushion survived its repairing!

  3. i've always loved the angelica plant...meaning how it looks. don't think i've ever grown it. just think how quickly your shoulder cozy will work up.