Monday, June 16, 2014

a woolly moonday

June's woolly moondala is a grape-dyed moon on a raspberry-dyed background. Its colors seem to have been influenced unwittingly by the sweet woolly pouch that Jan got me when he was out-of-town. I love noticing and then feeling slightly surprised by synchronicities like this.

June always means roses -- these were a little beaten up when I picked them, having just made it through an afternoon of rain and hail, so they're not lasting very long. They are Gertrude Jekyll roses, my favorite for flavor and fragrance.

We like to watch for goldfinches around here, the photo was taken through the living room window that needs cleaning really bad. We decided that the streaks and spots help the birds to not fly into it though, we really hate it when that happens.

Today is a waning moonday in the sign of airy Aquarius. Aquarius days are good for social gatherings -- also known for improvements and inventions -- perfect circumstances for a group-brainstorming session.

To a beautiful week!