Monday, July 8, 2013

2-basil moonday

A holy basil blossom. A holy basil harvest. A holy basil oil. 

This is one of my favorite plants in the garden -- holy basil, Ocimum tenuiflorum -- that happens to grow at the very front of a low planter. When the leaves are brushed as people or animals walk (or jump) by, the scent drifts on air and oh my. It's wonderful. The oil I made will be good for soothing and healing skin conditions but my plan is to use it in a more luxurious way -- as a fragrant moisturizer and to scent bath water. I have high hopes for this oil. And it reseeds itself generously which is another plus.

I'm still sewing the June moon cloth -- extending the pattern with little strips, that perfect green is from Nancy. The eye on the house is a woad seed.

A new fragrant orchid in the living room. I think it releases nectar or fragrance at 11:00 AM because that's when I smelled it from another room in the house. Amazing.

Today is a new moonday in the sign of Cancer. This new moon time is good for beginnings of all sorts -- projects, directions, studies, routines, behaviors, and so on. 

In the garden, moonwise gardeners plant seeds now and we can draw on this exact same moon energy for other kinds of growing. Write down wishes or form intentions now. Or place items in a basket to represent hopes and desires. Then as the moon grows into fullness, so too do wishes begin to take form and intentions manifest.

This morning I made a new moon basil honey with Genovese basil from the garden. To make an herbal honey, loosely fill a jar nearly to the top with fresh plant material and fill again with honey. Stir well with a chopstick. Cap and store on a protected surface (it might ooze) in a cupboard for 2-4 weeks. This small jar of basil honey will be just enough to drizzle into salad dressing, sweeten peppermint tea, or eat by the spoonful. Basil is really a medicinal food -- good for digestion, to relieve cold and cough symptoms, and as a relaxant -- among other things.

Again, like the moonwise gardener planting seeds on a new moon, it's nice to be able to make at least some herbal preparations to infuse and increase in potency along with the waxing moon. On the full moon two weeks later, some oils and vinegars are ready to be strained. If they don't seem strong enough yet, I often wait for the next full moon to strain and re-bottle for storage. 

And so, here's to a beautiful week of living moonwise.


deanna7trees said...

loved reading about your holy basil. basil is so fragrant. the inner part of your orchid looks just like the flowers that bloom on my desert willow tree. i love when they fall on the grass...such a beautiful sight.

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

What a great blog, love all the information on using the herbs with the different moon phases. Your are so knowledgeable and a great teacher.
You June moon block is wonderful also!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous pictures and way of life! I want to try making some basil honey! I hope the oil does not disappoint.

Jacky said...

I love Holy fragrant, there's nothing like it.
I can just imagine soaking in a fragrant bath.
Do you just infuse the oil with the leaves?

The moon in the sign of Cancer...a good time for me to set some intentions.

Jacky xox

Peggy said...

Thanks for your nice comments, Deanna, Kathy, Dee & Jacky, from the bottom of my heart! Dee, hope you make some basil honey, let me know what you think. Jacky, yes, allow it to infuse as long as it takes, make sure the plant material is perfectly dry in case you wash it first (I didn't) before you start.

liniecat said...

what a stunning orchid and to have scent from it too.......bliss

Anonymous said...

Hi Peggy, Can you tell us how you make your labels
Thanks, Suzie In Montana

Peggy said...

Hi Suzie -- they are cut from pages in an old garden book and written with a sharpie! Easy. ;)