Monday, June 3, 2013

moonday gifts

My one spiderwort, Tradescantia occidentalis, is blooming, the contrast between the leaves and the petals is striking. When its blue stamen hairs are exposed to radiation or chemical pollution, they turn pink. It was planted here in Colorado at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal as an indicator plant during an on-going clean-up process. The gifts from the plants are everywhere and endless, that is the one thing I know for certain today. 

Another bundle (silk) came out of the oak leaf/lightning water dye-pot and I stitched black and yellow onto the May moon cloth (dyed with St. Joan's wort).

Today is a waning moonday in the sign of Aries. The moon is retreating into the shadows now, soon she will be totally hidden. If you feel like pulling back, you may be in sync with Nature and moon energies. And if being invisible sounds appealing, well then, too. I like knowing and living these simple moon lessons of ebb and flow. I believe we are each attuned to them at the very core of our being.

Have a beautiful week.


deanna7trees said...

that color blue is so alive. i wonder if i can grow that here. must look it up. remember i told you that the lunaria seeds had sprouted...well, they are not doing too well. i saved some so i'll try them in a different spot.

Sara Crittenden Coppedge said...

Wow. So beautiful--all of it!

liniecat said...

Such exquisite flowers, what an incredible colour.
And another lovely moon cloth. Im itching to make some too but was hanging on till the new year but its occured to me that I could start mid year and go thru! lol Im SO thick lolol

Nancy said...

Wow! That blue is electric! So beautiful. I'm in sync with the moon right now I think :)

Anonymous said...

so beautiful....ALL of it!