Monday, April 22, 2013

yellow button moonday

It's going to be yellow for the lady sweater buttons. The African violets that are still blooming made the decision for me. I mean really, there's no way around it. The vintage button in the photo is too large but it's the perfect color. 

This morning I picked lettuce from the cold frame, enough for a good-sized salad tonight. It was sunny and warm for a couple of hours but we're expecting up to a foot of snow later today and tomorrow. The woad, Isatis tinctoria, doesn't seem to mind a weekly dump of snow and is nearly at the point of bloom. I'd really like to have it as a permanent part of the dye garden so might cover it before the weather action begins -- as a biennial it needs to bloom to reseed itself. 

I saw a gibbous moon in the outside dye-pot -- today is a waxing gibbous moonday in the sign of Virgo. Being just a few days from the full moon, planetary energies are building toward completion and celebration. We can use our energy to progress in a similar way by focusing and working on things already begun. I hope to complete a project or two over the next few days -- remembering the road is better than the inn, the journey toward the goal, but also knowing how good it feels to finish something.

We live in sobering times. So here's to continuing and always living from the heart. xo


  1. Good choice of yellow buttons!

  2. nature always has the answer doesn't it...beautiful.

  3. As Deanna said, nature truly does point the way. One of my favorite things to do is to use my old 35 MM camera and extenders to look at flowers. It acts like a microscope and I am always amazed at the color hidden deep within the flower. Your cold frame bounty has me wanting to construct on for the coming winter. Nothing so tasty as fresh greens. Woad! Where did you find seeds? I look forward to seeing the cloth that gets to play in it. Have a wonderful week. xoxo

  4. Love the yellow choice! Nature holds so much, doesn't she?! I laughed at the "the road is better than the inn" statement. Were just back from the desert, where the journey was grand and the inn...well, not so much! I'm trying to get to posting some pics soon.

  5. Those beautiful intense. I'm right now experiencing snow in Denver! Our train to the east is being serviced; I'm in agreement about the crazy weather for I wave hello!

  6. Your pictures are so beautiful, the color is very rich.
    I've never grown my own indigo, did you start yours from seed? The plants look great. Anxious to see the finished dyed fabric/yarn!
    We still have rain here, last summer was a drought and this year the rivers are overflowing their banks.

  7. Thanks everyone about the buttons!

    Nancy, I look forward to seeing the photos from your trip.

    Suzanna, I waved back to you, even though I didn't respond here right away. ;) A train ride sounds so nice, reading/handwork/sleeping and thinking time.

    Kathy, I did start the woad from seed, it was pretty easy to grow, you should try it.