Friday, October 5, 2012

outside in

Yesterday I brought in some of summer -- chocolate mint braided into a bracelet -- lemon verbena leaves drying and dyeing -- a red amaranth dye bundle wrapped around its own stalk.

Did you ever see a squirrel bone? I heard a loud chewing noise, thought the squirrel was gnawing on a branch and was so amazed at how loud it was. Then I saw this -- one of the dogs' marrow bones mounted on a picket. Clever squirrel.

We had our first snowfall during the night -- webs and flowers and leaves adorned. Each and every morning glory bloom is open with a pompom in its middle, I wonder how that happened.

Thanks for visiting here and happy weekending. xx


deanna7trees said...

i had no luck dyeing with my lemon balm leaves. would love to see your results. and snow...seems a bit early but not sure if it's normal for your area.

Peggy said...

Hi Deanna, oops, those are lemon verbena leaves -- just fixed it. But that's good to know about the lemon balm. It's not unusual to have snow this early -- hopefully, we'll go back to some warm weather again now.

Nancy said...

Would like to see how this bundle turns out. Oh those squirrels!!! SNOW? Really? We were happy to cool off to 80+degrees!!! This has been a weird summer, weather wise.

handstories said...

snow?!?! unbelievable! here it was 70 today.
that first image of the yarn bound wreath and candle is so beautiful. i'll be watching for your bundle results.

Marie said...

Too soon for snow! (smiles)
Lovely candle decorated! Candles make me happy and give that cozy feeling.
Have a great weekend.
xo <3

Trish said...

Hi dear Peggy... I have been away from blog world, but today I decided to return! And how lovely to return to your warm, magical and loving world.
Much love Trish

Peggy said...

Nancy, I think we're back to California weather this week, 70's at least. ;)

Cindy, you west coast babes are too lucky, I say! The amaranth has already given good color, but nadda on the lemon verbena yet.

Peggy said...

Marie, well it's all gone now so maybe it'll be warm for a few weeks now! It's definitely candle season, isn't it?

Peggy said...

Trish! I'm so happy you're back. I'll come visit you to see what you've been doing. ;)