Monday, October 15, 2012

eye wish moonday

Sewing ritual -- an eye wish on the green hand cloth. 

Today is a new moonday in the sign of Libra, time for new beginnings, forming intentions, and making plans for the future. Sometimes beginnings are slow-going and intentions and wishes can energize those desires and hopes for new things.

The sign that a new moon occurs in affects that entire moon cycle, even as the moon moves through the influence of other zodiac signs every few days. Being Libra is a semi-fruitful air sign, this moon cycle will be good for socializing, teamwork, and most activities that involve a number of people. We're also energized and drawn toward art, color and decorating. The airiness of Libra can affect our decision-making, however -- my least favorite part of Libra time because I already struggle in that area.

Libra affects our ability to balance (on all levels) and the lower back including hips, bladder and kidneys. I think whether or not problems flare up during this time is mostly affected by common sense and taking simple measures like staying hydrated and not lifting heavy items.

Wishing you a beautiful new week with easy decisions. Back to my stitching now -- eye wish, eye change.....heal, decide, sew, see.


  1. too cute that love him!!

  2. that blue leaf cloth is beautiful and the eyes...

  3. Hi Lyn, thanks -- I put a cat on every corner, but only two show. It was fun to make, a long time ago.

  4. Thank you, Deanna, I'm attracted to eyes right now.

  5. Nancy, so far there's eye wish, eye see and clear eyes...I'm feeling this piece is turning into some sort of healing cloth. Holder of healing thoughts and wishes.

  6. Michelle, that resonates -- I know because I almost just spilled my tea when I saw how your phrase looked in print. Thank you.