Monday, February 13, 2012

crystal clear moonday

Thinking today about corners, sharp edges and feeling sticky and one thing led to another, as it always does. In feng shui, remedies are placed for protection against such things. But I think even sharp-edges have their smooth sides -- in the case of, say, a glass shard, an icicle, a person, or a crystal, to name just a few. Well, right there within arm's reach, still unopened, was this book (learned about it at Trish's) from Mr. Amazon (as Nat says). The pages on giving crystals a rest by laying them on a bed of amethyst or quartz crystals caught my eye. Here are three of my crystals having nap-time -- yes, sharp-edged, but oh so smooth and clear.

Today is a waning moonday in Scorpio. Watery Scorpio magnifies our emotions like a magnifying glass enlarges newsprint and the intensity can cause great joy or deep discomfort. Scorpio moon times, like clockwork, are when I say and do dumb things and then obsess about them. On the bright side, clear focus and intuition are greatly enhanced right now.

Scorpio's body influence is on the function and health of the urinary tract and sexual organs including fertility and menstrual problems. A great remedy for menstrual cramps is a big spoonful of chocolate syrup with a dropperful of cramp bark, viburnum opulus, tincture. Hey, remember -- chocolate has minerals! And it's so smooth.

I'm going to have a little chocolate, just because, and see if I can find my focus today. How about you?


Happy Weaver said...

Peggy, the crystals are so lovely and saying they're taking a rest is of course your way of saying an interesting thing. Love it!!!
I plan to indulge in a couple pieces of chocolate right after lunch. Thanks for reminding me (as if I needed to be reminded to eat chocolate). xxoo Pat

Nanette said...

I usually pop my crystals out in the moonlight to recharge them, or bring back a jar of saltwater from the beach and let them have a little soak.

Darn, I knew it was a Scorpio day, and likely to create un-focus, and forgot. I struggled with my un-focus all day ...perhaps you could move to the southern hemisphere Peggy, so I'm reminded of these things in a timely way :)

liniecat said...

Snoozy crystals lol what a blissful notion.
Heavens I dont miss those cramps...!

Ms. ∆×∆p×≥h/4π said...

Beautiful amethyst! When I worked with crystals I used to clean them in rock salt. A Shaman friend buried hers in sacred sand once they'd been used for healing work. My last crystal did it's work so well, it shattered while sitting, untouched on a shelf. That was years ago, and my life has changed radically (internally) since those days. The Shamans moved on, the yogis moved in, troublesome folk evaporated, wonderful friends remained, moons rose and set, I grew much older. I love your blog. I had Kale and Yams steamed then sauteed quickly in coconut oil and garlic for supper. There's chocolate in the fridge...Mmmm.

woman with wings said...

Pat, thanks and hope you enjoyed your chocolate, it's so good for you, ya know!

woman with wings said...

Nanette, I'd love to move there!
;-) To have real salt water from a REAL body of water would be fantastic.

Scorpio's been a real bugger for me. I'm layin' low, low, low. So I don't say something dumb again.

woman with wings said...

Lyn, I was thinking that if I could, I'd crawl onto a bed of amethyst, too. Maybe. Ha. But wouldn't it be beautiful?

woman with wings said...

Ms., I like the burying in sand idea, will keep that in mind next time I hear of someone going to Sedona! To have a crystal shatter must've been a shocking experience, am sure there was a message there. I'm realizing how much I still love crystals after sort of not using them for many's like going back in time...had gotten rid of all my books. Yummy supper in coconut oil!

Trish said...

What beautiful, beautiful crystals and beautiful.
Chocolate sounds good...but it would probably give me a migraine, so I'll have to have a nice slice of Victoria sandwich cake instead.
much love

Marie said...

beautiful stones and crystals.
I have read that stones and crystals are "living" and that
if you listen they have stories to tell. :) (just like cloth!)

p.s. my daughter says chocolate is a girls best friend...i agree!

woman with wings said...

Marie, thanks. I'm intrigued by the stories they might, possibly, maybe tell me? That would be absolutely awesome. Must focus on that...thanks for mentioning it. I agree with your daughter, too, have had a bucketload of it this week!