Monday, December 5, 2011

keeping on moonday

I have a strong desire to make a winter cloth like last year's Lucia Moon so I'm going forward with a star moondala.  I've ironed a freezer paper star onto blue linen and am appliqueing moon pieces around it. I've never done paper piecing but think this might be the basis of it?

The moon is still growing and today is a waxing moonday in fiery Aries. Some aspects of Aries are action, energy and passion and I'm paying attention to how this translates into my creative life. Even after several years of taking notice of lunar cycles, Aries isn't quite clear for me -- certainly not in the way that Scorpio is. I hope to take advantage of Aries' movement in a couple of areas -- this moondala cloth and also finding my place in the green sleeveless sweater I've set aside for about a year. Proceeding.

With Aries, attention is once again at the top of the body, meaning the head down to the nose. Any worry about catching a cold may turn out to be preparation to actually come down with one. I know because it happened to me. They say viruses have a place on this planet, too, like any living creature. I'm trying to think of it like that anyway!

Keep adding, keep walking, keep advancing. ~~St. Augustine


Marie said...

Oh how do I understand the projects that sit by just waiting and waiting for me to complete...someday (sigh) : ?

Love the "star moondala" idea : )

Nancy said...

I'm an Aries!
Will be watching out for your new winter cloth :)

woman with wings said...

Marie, thanks -- hope this doesn't sit too long now, I try to get to some little bit of sewing and knitting everyday, but honestly, it's getting harder & harder -- that time speeding up thing, I guess!

woman with wings said...

Nancy, I'd love to borrow some of your wonderful Aries energy about now!