Monday, February 8, 2016

our daily moons

Daily Moons: Some of my daily moons to date, as part of the Quilty 365 project -- all are plant-dyed fabrics, the bright yellows are turmeric-dyed pieces, the rest are indigo or various other plant materials. Visit here to see some amazing hand-stitched circle squares made by fellow fun and you can join in at any time...go see.

Collage: I'm creating simple inspirational collages on some old cards, leaving the back patterned side alone to keep that nice smooth feeling if you know what I mean. Flourish is my word of the year and these cards will be supportive reminders for me to flourish throughout the coming year -- and hopefully, at some point in time, they can be my own personal oracle.

More Collage: This is another collage/art project I've been working on using an Anthropologie foldout that came in the mail as the base -- I like the weight of the card stock and the way it folds up -- it's also a nice size for larger images.

When I started this project a few weeks ago I didn't really have a definite theme in mind but one seems to be emerging all by itself.

You never know, it could still change, but I think the theme is early spring -- the images reflect Nature's new growth, saturated colors and flowing water. Also a sense of stepping out of the darkness into the light.

This is the cover of the booklet -- there's embellishing, outlining, quotes and journaling to be done yet. I love it and can see making similar booklets for summer, autumn and winter.

Today is a new moon in Aquarius so I will be moon stitching tonight. Thanks for coming by -- I wish you a beautiful week. xo


Nancy said... many moons! Love seeing them all together, so far. I bet I could spend a long time at the link too. Your spring collage is so beautiful! I'd love to see a long view, to really get a sense of it. I love the sense of season, the light and the colors.

Ms. said...

I'm here looking....and hoping to step out of the dark soon. I've got the dark-of-the- moon'Blehs' not the 'blahs' but definitely a loss of energy...this too will pass. Love to you and all your beautiful offerings.

deanna7trees said...

your moons are so so beautiful. imagining what this will look like at the end of the year.

liniecat said...

Wonderful moons and I think yours arethe first with naturally dyed fabrics, so lovely!
So many interpretations of the basic idea!

audrey said...

Your circles are incredible! Love seeing them.:)

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Your moon are wonderful, what a beautiful quilt(?) it will be.
I love your Spring collage too, I'm ready to see and feel the sun.

Doris said...

Love your moons and the soft colors.

Suzanna said...

Beautiful moons!

Nat Palaskas said...

I love your moons. I wish I use my dyed fabric for my moons now, but I'm too far into it change!