Wednesday, February 24, 2016

it's a 9 year

What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from. T.S. Eliot

2016 is a 9 year. 2+0+1+6=9. I've been reading that the number nine makes this a year of nearly simultaneous endings and beginnings. It will require patience, I'm sure. Endings and beginnings have been a predominant theme for me for a while now -- needing to allow something to end completely in order to get a glimpse of the new beginning within it. Like birth and death, leaving one world and entering another -- if we're in both worlds, we're in neither. Much more on a 9 year here.

I cleared everything off my little altar table, wiped it clean and started fresh. This is where I sit for meditation. I find if it's too, too full of plants and clutter, it doesn't help matters any.

The soulful quote by Meister Eckhart glued onto my collage foldout project is one of my favorites -- it makes perfect sense to me. I normally think of myself as a river of a woman but I would like to be a mountain of a woman too -- strong, enduring, watchful and patient.

Have you ever tended a Resurrection Plant? This is a dormant rosette of a Resurrection Plant, Selaginella lepidophylla.

When deprived of water, the plant dries out and curls up into a ball until it once again finds moisture. This is 15 minutes after I added water to the bowl.

An hour later, things are happening. The fronds are absorbing water and literally opening before my very eyes. This site has the botanic details. The rosette can be dormant for years and still revive with water. And it can be dried out and resurrected over and over again.

About two hours after being placed in water, it's nearly dark so this is the last photo for today.

This is how it looked this morning -- after about 17 hours in water -- and last time I checked it was still unfurling. I've learned that Selaginella lepidophylla is a folk plant used to symbolize rebirthing and/or growing new things in one's life. For example, if you wanted to open a shop or find a new house or find love, you could place a small representative item in the center of the rosette and let it dry up and curl up back into a ball. Then you would place the dormant plant back into water while envisioning what you want. Plant magic.

Speaking of magic, our maple tree blossom buds are growing fat and juicy and the bees and I can't wait. This is one of their first sources of nectar in early spring. I always breathe a sigh of relief when the maples bloom because I know our bees have made it through another Colorado winter.

The sky is so blue and the sun so bright today. Have a seat.

The chaos that is my sewing table. Chaos means life. Without chaos nothing happens.

Thanks for coming by, I'm wishing you some mighty blue skies. xx


liniecat said...

From chaos - things can only get better lol
and inspiration is generally in there somewhere too
Endings and beginnings - I think the older we get, theres more of both - its the natural order I suppose.
Take care : )

Nancy said...

You are a gift! Where DO you find these plants? Amazing. And a "9" year...well that explains a lot. More endings so far, but some beginnings are arriving too. Thank you, as usual for the gifts you share.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

this is a very Beauty FULL post. all of it. ALL.
But most, cleaning the Altar. YEs.
you remind me.
Begin Again.

Thank you,

Ms. said...

I had a resurrection plant decades ago and kept it going for at least ten dormancies - then it disappeared. I love seeing it again and I intend to get another one soon as I'm in the neighborhood of the plant shops. Meanwhile the nine of change is much on my mind, and I love that Eckhart quote......and your collage. This is a most abundant post and so welcome. Just thinking of bees that made it through Winter has me buzzing.

Judy H said...

Love the resurrection plant....but I love your ending statement "Without chaos nothing happens"

jude said...

all beautiful but i especially love that quote

dulcy said...

such a lovely post, peggy! I especially like your collage foldout project. I'm working on something similar that I'll post a bit about.