Monday, September 14, 2015

there is much to do

Today is a waxing moonday in Libra and with summer winding down, there is much to do. As they say on Game of Thrones, winter is coming. About now is when I start to baby things in the garden again because I know they don't have much longer to live. I harvest and water and weed more fervently than ever. I'm there for them in the beginning and at the end. I guess that's when we all need someone there for us.

I haven't done very much dyeing lately but that's about to change. There are plans and more plans.

This journal page is layers of paper and paint with words pasted on top of it all. The prompt for Journal52 Week 26 was elements, I still think creating backgrounds might be the best part.

I recently reread To Kill a Mockingbird before reading Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee. I prefer the former and not the latter but I'm glad I read them both. One reviewer said the first book was what we want to believe and the second book was how it really was.

These are interesting times and winter is coming.


Chip Butter said...

LOve your September stitches...winding down, I think! Yes, it is time to dye...YAY!

Anonymous said...

You sound very busy- inside & out. Beautiful journal page, especially the background.

Nancy said...

Um...OK...raising my face to the heat of the sun will just remind me that it is back up to 100 this weekend! But I do like the page and the idea of being connected to the elements. ;)
So, you're dying again? Mmmm.... I like this one here with the beautiful feel of fall. Fall is such an exciting time.