Tuesday, June 10, 2014

three good things

Three good things today.

An orchid re-blooming -- I've been reminding it to bloom every time I water it --and it worked. This is cause for celebration because a re-bloom has never happened before.

A little fox on a hexipuff for the beekeeper's quilt. We are fox-lovers but rarely see them around anymore since coyotes and mange entered the picture. Living in the city, any kind of wildlife sighting is a pretty big deal for us -- we even sort of like rabbits. Well, the dogs love them, Jan likes them, and I'm so-so because of the garden.

A heavenly bouquet -- Cheyenne mock orange, Philadelphus lewisii.

Three good things. xx


deanna7trees said...

not only good things, but gorgeous things. and i love that heart wreath with the pearls?

Nanette said...

Deanna, I spotted that too, straight away and thought we might be hearing about it as one of the good things. I love the dear little fox....all such wonderful things to celebrate, Peggy.

dulcy said...

Awoke to fox screams early this morning. We've had them raise pups in our yard a couple of times. My husband did a small book of photos showing of "our" foxes. Then "poof" gone for about 4 years, but suddenly they're back again. You remind me that I must get some orchid food and try to get my two little ones to bloom!

Anonymous said...

LOVE that little fox! Is there a pattern for it (she asks, as if she will ever get back to her own puffs…sigh)