Monday, February 24, 2014

play before work moonday

Today is a waning (fourth quarter) moonday moving into the sign of Capricorn. Both the moon and Capricorn are associated with using our energy where it serves us best. The moon helps us to let go of lost causes and Capricorn helps us to focus on realistic possibilities.

I started the day with a list of housework and errands to run. What I really wanted to do though was make myself an Americano coffee and stitch. Play before work.

The February moondala, part of my monthly sewing ritual for this year, is a raspberry-dyed wool moon on a pansy-dyed wool background stitched with embroidery floss. It's not a full color spectrum piece just yet but when all the moondalas are together, the larger piece will be.

And February's flower bouquet has been rolled and steamed. I wonder what will come of all the white daisies?

Wishing you a lovely week filled with color!


deanna7trees said...

maybe just the centers of the daisies will leave their mark. i have bags of frozen flowers in the freezer. maybe it's time to take them out and bundle them.

Peggy said...

Deanna, I'll take whatever I can get!

Nat Palaskas said...

I love your 2014 moon cloths. Totally natural dye, how fantastic is that? I don't use much wool in my dye, but what little I used I got great color from it - Looking forward to the result - Hugs Nat

Ms. said...

To start out with all this beauty is to assure the day. Can't wait to see the finishes on all....oh, here we go into March, let us hope that Capricorn knocks some sense into our weather!

Nancy said...

The color and beauty here surely will send me off to a happy dreamland!

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Love you Feb. moodala, the group of blocks will look beautiful when their all together. I also love your idea for bouquet of the month dyeing. Looking forward to seeing the results.
Your last blog with the horse radish and ginger was full of great information. I drink a cup of hot ginger/honey black tea a day and haven't been sick once this winter and feel great I think because of it. Love your herb blogs.

Peggy said...

Nat, thank you -- wool and silk are my favorite fibers to dye -- just don't do that great with cotton. ;)

Thank you Michelle, and hey it's snowing here. We haven't had as much as you have though, I don't think.

Nancy, hope you had happy dreams!

Kathy, thanks so much -- I had fresh ginger tea again today and I'm loving it. I have enough of that beautiful root left to last about another 2 weeks!! :)