Thursday, February 27, 2014

moon of mine

Stitched around, 
Love is bound,
Wheel divine, 
Moon of mine (repeat 100x or so)

I loved thinking about them, and dyeing and then stitching them. These moons of mine, oh how I love them. February's dye & stitch mandala, is complete -- part of my moon art ritual for 2014, #2 in the series of 13 moondalas. This one is a pansy-dyed background with a raspberry-dyed moon stitched with embroidery floss. January's is a grape-dyed background with an undyed white wool moon. They are about 4" square.

It is the dark of the moon now and I'm trying to be more still, to do one thing at a time. No multi-tasking allowed -- even stitching and knitting in silence. No radio, no music, no podcasts -- only the sounds of the dogs sighing as they fall asleep and their yips and growls as they chase rabbits and squirrels in their dreams.

Thanks for visiting and happy weekending to you. I'll be knitting sleeves on a certain purple february lady sweater as well as making a permanent impression on the seat of my chair. That kind of multi-tasking cannot be avoided. xo


Nat Palaskas said...

Love how you multi-tasking with the impression on the seat! Very clever Peggy. Your moondala blocks are gorgeous. Looking forwards to the dark one - Have a good weekend too - Hugs Nat

deanna7trees said...

such beautiful moondalas. and beautiful african violet and christmas cactus. i have some christmas cactus cutting on dirt...hoping they take. you make a great impression no matter what it is.

Ms. said...

Just a great big SMILE!

Nancy said...

Oh...these moondalas! it's going to be a beautiful year alright!! My paternal grandparents were Nana (Nell) and Gramps :)
Christmas cactus...I had one once. It had quite the story!

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Your two moondalas look beautiful together, natural dye colors always look great together. Isn't it the best working with natural dyed wool!
Thanks for sharing about the British sewing bee and Life Project, I haven't heard of either but am anxious to see more.
I love Project Runway and never try to miss it.