Monday, July 22, 2013

moonday lifelines

Whites and lights laid out for the July full moon cloth -- keeping in mind the ideas of surrender and making peace with summer's hubbub. The lacy house is a piece of a linen napkin edged with lovely cutwork embroidery (from Nancy).

I learned about knitting lifelines from Deanna a while back and have been making them on the purple lady sweater -- threading green yarn through all 282 stitches every so often. From hereon, it will be every four rows exactly, the number of rows in the gull lace pattern. A lifeline is a real confidence-builder, I tell you.

I hate to complain but the Rowan silk/cotton yarn splits with almost every ssk. This happens to me a lot for some reason. I need to make better choices in the future. The yellow button is what's keeping me going, I love that color with the purple. I haven't found the perfect yellow buttons yet but haven't looked too hard yet either.

The roses from my sweetheart are ready to be hung for drying.

Today is a full moonday in Aquarius, the perfect time to name and celebrate good things in our lives. We don't have to wait for big things to happen, small everyday events are worth noticing as well, maybe even more so, because they are our true lifelines. Writing them down is nice and stitching them into cloth works, too.

I'm wishing you a beautiful week.


  1. handstories.typepad.comJuly 22, 2013 at 3:07 PM

    such good thoughts here...a beautiful new cloth start. today is my Moon's birthday, he's very excited that it's a full moon one!

  2. Isn't that just the greatest to have a full moon on your birthday? Happy, happy birthday & birthnight, Moon! xo

  3. Serene whites....very restful Peggy.

  4. lifelines are an amazing discovery. i love the hand holding the yellow button.

  5. OK, so I seem to be reading this out of, you Cut the napkin?! I see.
    And I was going to say how I love that when we miss or forget something...another picks it up and threads it through their life and maybe we catch it a lifeline :)
    Now, what else have I missed lately!! Ha