Friday, June 28, 2013

red lady


The red lady is getting closer (pattern here). I haven't done crewelwork for a long time and am really liking it, sort of don't want it to end. I may have to find something else to embroider when this is done. 

A medicinal St. John's Wort, Hypericum perforatum, oil to heal burns, scrapes and other skin conditions was made yesterday. I usually call it St. Joan's Wort because Joan knows more about burns than John. This is just a start -- the jar has room for more flowers to be added as they become available. The oil will turn a reddish color and can be used topically as is or as a salve ingredient. I noticed that there were no bees visiting the blossoms when I was picking these and then remembered that flowers release their nectar at various times throughout the day. I keep meaning to write down what time the bees work what flowers. It's just so cool to know and makes me wonder if that might indicate potency of medicinal qualities as well.

Our front porch planter has become totally shaded over the years. I'm grateful for the shade but it's not easy to find plants that will live, or rather thrive, in the planter. So I'm thinking more stones and more moss might be just the thing to go with the few plants that can handle it. The window boxes are also shaded and I've figured out that houseplants do quite well in them -- specifically ivy, spider plant, and asparagus fern. Then they all come back in the house for the winter. Most are many years old so need their roots pruned along with new soil every few years. The fountain by the front door quietly welcomes  -- and that white holey stone from Lyn came all the way from England. 

Thanks for visiting and happy weekending. xx


the wild magnolia said...

Ah...the accoutrements of spirit and life. Comfort and joy.

Marie said...

I have heard that stones with holes are very special!
That you have them only as long as is needed....

Anonymous said...

speaking of Joan, surely you would have been burned in another life?!!

Nancy said...

Lovely Red Lady! She is really special. Your houseplants look so vibrant. We're melting here today. 106 today, hotter tomorrow!

Peggy said...

Wild Magnolia -- thank you.

Marie, yes I think there is something special about them. I love this one.

Dee -- well, probably so. ;)

Peggy said...

From Nancy:

Lovely Red Lady! She is really special. Your houseplants look so vibrant. We're melting here today. 106 today, hotter tomorrow!

From me:

Thanks, Nancy -- I've been reading about the temperatures. Hang in there, hopefully relief is on the way.

P.S. I wonder what's going on with blogger lately that comments don't post. Have you been having this happen, too?