Friday, April 5, 2013

raw brownies & the lady sweater

Raw brownies were made, thanks to Deb, and I recommend them wholeheartedly. The only trouble I had was not having enough dates to make them stick together better. It blows me away that such simple ingredients can be so good - you'd swear there was sugar in them. The first night we had them in little bowls with heavy cream drizzled on top and now my husband has started mixing a bit of raw brownie into his granola. Me, I just sit and eat it with a spoon right out of the pan.

The lady sweater, has only been ripped and restarted once. That first buttonhole derailed me. I had to finally give in and practice a buttonhole technique with some other yarn and after that, well, it's coming along okay. Now I want to hurry up and get the next two buttonholes done before I forget again.

The raw brownie recipe is both below and here where it began. Just make sure you have enough dates!

Wishing you some happy weekending. x


  1. button holes & bands make me nuts.
    and i wish i had a spoon to dig in with you!

  2. I put the crumbs from my last batch on some vanilla ice cream. Yum oh yum. I agree, so incredible that such a simple thing works so well. Glad you like! And that knitting!

  3. it looks so good but i know i couldn't stop at one piece so i must stay away from things like that.

  4. The brownies look/sound yummy! Love the blue jean yarn you're using :)

  5. Thanks, you all! Well, one of those little pans of brownies is gone, one to go. I'm finding they stick together better the longer they're in the freezer, which is good! :)

  6. Oh those brownies look delicious... xxx