Monday, March 25, 2013

red stitching

For some reason I can't stop working on this cloth even though it's been kantha-stitched from top to bottom. I'm thinking it may have something to do with my root chakra because red is the color associated with the root chakra. And recently I decided to try to use stitch as a method of grounding, also associated with the root chakra. And right here in front of me is this red and white cloth with red thread on the needle. Grounding is one of those paradoxes because being grounded is what helps us go forward in life.

A few eggs were on the sewing table this morning -- the one held by the stone goddess glows. I don't know what it's made of but I love it so much. The little stack of white cloth might be for the next full moon cloth.  

A new clothing pattern came in the mail and for the first time ever I plan on making a muslin first. I mean business. Yesterday a little stone grid was laid out on black velvet -- ruby, rhodochrosite, and quartz crystal -- stones to strengthen my focus on the root chakra.

 Today is a waxing moonday in the sign of Virgo. More than anything I feel this is a time of simply continuing rather than beginning something new or making big decisions or changes. Waxing moon energy helps us to bring projects closer to completion and Virgo helps us to patiently get past obstructions.

Virgo affects the digestive system so we should enjoy beautiful, healthy food in a relaxed setting. Good digestion takes time.

Continuing with red....


Jeannie said...

Your kantha cloth is so beautiful! I imagine it feels wonderful, too. Could the egg be made of moonstone? It bounces light inside it to give a glimmer effect. I love how is shines and who better to have a moonstone? :) Love the array of stones on velvet. Have a happy!

Peggy said...

Hi Jeannie! Thank you and I bet you're right about the moonstone. I'll have to read up on moonstone now. Happy to you, too! :)

Anonymous said...

can't wait to hear about how that pattern works out. & as always, just love that kantha piece, it grows deeper each time.

Ms. said...

I love your red stitches...I'm thinking I might try that on the WHITE over at Jude's 'What-Iffing" soon as I get the needles threaded. Tour cloth is a wonder, a treasure. And timely Virgo advice is just right for my digestive track which is exhibiting grumbling over my eating habits lately. Once more thank you for a calming moment.

Jacky said...

Peggy lovely to hear about your red stitching, and how it relates to grounding and the root chakra (thank you for sharing that with us).
Love your new dress pattern. Very simple design and love the 3/4 length sleeve (perfect for me). Would you mind sending me a link to where you bought this? I too have been thinking of doing a muslin practice piece for clothing. I find patterns just dont fit and always need altering (I'm short and a little a muslin practice piece might help).

Great post...happy red stitching.

Jacky xox

Peggy said...

Hi Cindy and thank you. I'll post about the pattern when I get going on it.

Michelle, thanks -- I saw the red & white photo theme on your blog! It's very satisfying, the red stitch.

Jacky, your red stitching has stayed in my mind, as you can see! The link to the pattern is
and the name of this pattern is Laurel. I always have problems with fit, too, and this looks pretty simple for making adjustments. I love the one with the cuff on the sleeve to make it 3/4 length, but will probably just start out with a to-the-elbow sleeve.

deanna7trees said...

i'm a little behind in reading here. trying to catch up. i imagine the more you stitch on that cloth, the better it feels to handle. i hardly ever use red thread or fabric but i'm starting to but i'm already pretty grounded.

Peggy said...

Deanna, I'm a little behind, too. Yes, it has a different feel and -- body, I guess you'd call it. Hey, the cloth feels grounded. Ha.

Marie said...

Love your stones and Goddess holder :) and stitches too! xoxo missing my visits <3

Anonymous said...

I always love coming here, seeing your gorgeous photos with the simple and spiritual commentary alongside.

The evenness of your kantha stitching is wonderful to see... I like the way the clustering of red stitches ends up as a repeat for the red fabric... enough strike marks and our eye starts to fill in the rest?

and kudos on the decision to make a muslin trial - I hear determination to make something that really fits and flatters!