Saturday, February 9, 2013

shaggy house moon cloth

January's full moon art is another house with an eye for the moon. It's pretty shaggy. I think it needs one more touch though -- a fringe along the top eyelid. Then it'll be done. My goal is to always complete the current full moon art project before the next new moon comes along. Today is the new moon so I squeaked by. I find it motivating to have a little gimmick like that.

It's snowing lightly here and the dogs are waiting for their walk. I love walking them in inclement weather because then we have the park all to ourselves.

Wishing you a very fine new moon weekend. xx


Marie said...

Have fun in the park :)
I enjoy quiet too!
Your full moon art says it all "home" is where our heart and soul (eye) are!
wonderful stitching.
xo :)

Nancy said...

I still have not started that Jan moon! Ugh. Just not enough hours or energy for me :) But I agree, gimmicks are good motivators!
I love all the so many stitches on this one.

deanna7trees said...

the house is winking at me. love it and the calendar moon. did you cut the one up from your last post?

Suzanna said...

Love your shaggy moon house!

Anonymous said...

I agree with deanna, i see the winking, the lashes will make it even more so! i love the silence of snow.