Thursday, November 29, 2012

snow-capped moon

The November full moon was at apogee, the farthest distance in its orbit around Earth. That makes it appear to be the smallest full moon of 2012 for all of us here on Planet Earth. And as we are also going into the longest nights of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, last night was dark indeed.

My girl is on her path under the stark white moon in a black night sky on a 3" x 3" itty canvas. I'm thinking maybe she has a magpie guiding her -- strangely, I found this 2" feather on the living room floor yesterday and set it aside. After I painted these little mountain snow-caps, I remembered the feather had a snow-cap, too, and that made me pretty happy for some reason.

This is the 13th moon in my itty full-moon painting series. All 13 will be hung together, hopefully this weekend.

I'd love it if you would share your full moon art by leaving a link in the comments or emailing me a file!

And thanks for visiting here and happy weekending. xo

full moon making:

~Over at Ancient Cloth, Marie whispered a lovely full moon post.

~Deb at Bee Creative has a really great photo of the moon and Jupiter.

~Kathy, the Woodland Quilter, stitched a Full-Snow Moon cloth and began another unique winter wall-hanging (made from hands and feet!).


  1. Peggy I think this is my favourite of your full moon is beautiful.
    Wonderful indigo blues, quite a Japanese feel to it, and I love your traveller. The colours work so well.
    13, one of my lucky numbers.
    I sat outside for a while last night enjoying the full moon and of course thought of you.

    Jacky xox

  2. Love it. Feather's wonderful too :)
    I can't wait to see all of them together if you share that!

  3. Your moons inspired me. I should be making moon out of my indigo moon too. Something about moons that touches my heart! Have a great day - hugs

  4. I love the snow top mountains and how wonderful to find the snow- topped feather waiting to be used with your moon painting. I'm looking forward to seeing all the painting together. I also thought I also would show all my moon/earth blocks together in December.

  5. are birds flying through your living room?
    love her path & can't wait to see the 13 together, my favorite number.

  6. Wonderful Peggy, just

  7. Hi Jacky, thank you and I see what you mean about the vibe. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend -- the moon is still quite full and bright!

  8. Thank you, Nancy -- the little feather was the icing on the cake!

  9. Nat, thank you, and I like the way you said that -- that moons touch your heart. Nice.....

  10. Hi Kathy -- thank you so much -- and I'll be looking forward to seeing all yours together, too!

  11. Cindy -- ha! -- only magpies. ;)

    I have no idea how it got in here, probably was tracked in on a shoe or paw...first time it's ever happened, I think. So it was something to pay attention to, you know?