Monday, April 30, 2012

monarch moonday

Yesterday we had a flutter of monarch butterflies in the lunaria garden. I tried to take a count and came up with 5 to 15. It's hard to count fluttering butterflies. They just made my day though and I wondered how I would be changed from seeing them -- you know, the butterfly effect, only on a personal level. 

This morning I started stitching little blue circles on a piece of onion-skin dyed cotton. The  cloud cloth happened to be nearby and I liked the two together -- then a moon cloth from way-back-when joined up with them. I am trying to be discriminating though.

Today is a waxing moonday moving into the sign of Virgo in a few hours. As the moon grows into fullness, it is natural for us to reach outward, expand, seek, and create. I marvel at this. And I marvel that the moon herself was likely once a part of the earth, torn off by sun gravity and flung into space, creating craters, ocean basins and continents. It actually makes sense that we feel a connection and it's really only natural that the moon and the ocean still stretch toward each other. Marvelous is what it is.

Earthy Virgo is a good time to analyze, make determinations and carry out decisions related to the physical realm. I make lots of lists during Virgo moons and this would also be a great time to comparison shop if you're about to make a big purchase. 

While this isn't a great time to sow seeds in the garden, it's a good time to plan, cultivate, and weed the garden. And tend the livestock, in my case, the dogs and the bees. And the butterflies! 

Our digestion is influenced by Virgo and a focus on healing this function may be more effective now. Dandelion is a good herbal digestive herb that strengthens, stimulates, and heals. I plan to collect dandelion leaves and flowers today for a medicinal vinegar tincture rich in minerals. And, as always, if there's a tendency toward digestive problems, vigilantly avoid their triggers. 

I wish you a marvelous beginning to the week!

Talula on a new bed under the sewing table licking and sighing and circling and pawing and generally putting me into a trance -- the sounds of animals do that. You too?


liniecat said...

Oh yes, my animals calm me too!
I stumbled on a recipe the other day, lord knows where tho....for dandilion jelly.
Id meant to book mark it.
It said it tasted like honey. All I recall is a quart of flower heads, minus the green at the flower heads base and I think she said 5 cups of sugar plus water and some lemon juice.
She had strained out the petals before adding the sugar too as I remember.
I guess it would be 'poor mans honey' compared to the real thing lol

Trish said...

How wonderful... to see monarch butterflies ( well, any butterflies, that would make my day too! )
Much love

woman with wings said...

Lyne, I especially miss being in a quiet room with our cat while he groomed. It was magnificent the way he groomed! I'd have goosebumps all over and my eyes would cross and I'd get this wonderful in-between-the-worlds feeling. I need me a cat.

Oh yes, that recipe sounds nice, I wonder if it sets like a jelly or stays syrupy like honey. Either way, yum.

Nancy said...

Beautiful butterflies...but so hard to capture! Love the photo of this one. And your cloths...Mmmm...nice!

deanna7trees said...

i've seen a couple of butterflies at the hummingbird surprised me. wish i would have had my camera handy. always love your stitching.

woman with wings said...

Hi Trish, for some reason your comment came by email but isn't on the
blog....anyway, thanks for coming by to see the monarch. They are
a'fluttering again today, the darlings. I'd heard some where that they
were down in numbers this year which is worrisome.

woman with wings said...

Nancy, you're right, I took about a dozen photos and this is the only one that's even close to being clear! Thanks!

woman with wings said...

Deanna, that would be fun to see them at a feeder -- I hope you get a photo of them! And thanks.

Jeannie said...

Oh! If the Monarchs are there, that means they are on their way here! I love butterflies and dragonflies and well, nature. The joy I feel in spring is seeing things return for a brief visit and the color that comes with them. Your cloth sounds beautiful and almost like a recipe. Wishing you a beautiful week filled with butterfly wings and joy.

woman with wings said...

Jeannie, oh yes, they're on their way to you right this minute! And I wish you flutters and flutters of butterflies very soon now. :-)

Nancy said...

We had sparrows at our hummingbird feeder today!

Marie said...

I have such fond memories of Monarch butterflies...
While living in Texas, there was one year where we had waves and waves of monarchs, literally.
I have never seen anything like it. They came like that for days. While this was happening I attended a Scottish
bagpipe festival out in the country and the waves of Monarchs came there too! The event was held in a forest with an open area so the bagpipers played and the monarachs danced to the music! Amazing!
Love the cloths you have chosen and little Talulah is adorable...i miss having little dogs : (
they are so sweet.

Deb G said...

Oh another nester! I love watching the dogs and cat make their beds. Beautiful butterfly, beautiful blue project...