Thursday, February 9, 2012

more full moon art

Some thoughtful, beautiful moon-inspired posts . . . just click on the links. And if you'd like to be listed here, leave a comment!

Nanette stitched a Leo full moon lion-hearted piece.

And Pat made a snowy full moon with geese on cloth.

Go see both sides of "she moon" stitched by Marie!

There's a lovely moon photo and a thoughtful video over at Nancy's.

Ms. has a lovely Moon Muse photo and Moonlight Sonata is playing.

Deanna showed the Far Side of the Moon not long ago and also took some magic moon pictures -- for real, go see!

Deb posted "moon stories" with a moon photo/cloth overlay.

And Jacky included a moonday moon in her cloth magic.


deanna7trees said...

hey, thanks for including me here. i took some morning moon pics today but haven't posted them yet. i took them through my garage window as it was still dark and cold and i had just gotten out of bed.

woman with wings said...

Deanna, you're welcome and I'll watch for your moon pictures!

Nancy said...

Thanks for the mention! I'm doing a quickie post tonight...but no time for anything I'll be back to follow the links I haven't seen yet!

Happy Weaver said...

Peggy, what great posts - so much talent and what a way to start the morning with everyones great moons. I just looked out and saw the moon going down over some beautiful clouds. Wish my camera could capture the view.