Monday, February 20, 2012

empty basket moonday

I had this great idea to empty every basket in the house and sort through the contents before refilling it. Sort of like cleaning out the kitchen drawers, only baskets. When I walked into the not-even-completely-moved-in-yet sewing room, I counted 13 baskets. We probably have baskets in every room -- I'm rethinking my plan. Maybe I'll get a few baskets in the sewing room done. Maybe.

I loved this idea when I saw it on an organizing website, sorry I don't remember where and I didn't save it. If it's your idea, you are a genius. It's so neat and tidy plus the color code can be written on the clothespin with a sharpie. The vintage floss from my mother's stash won't be wound because the labels are just too cool. And that Nun's Boilproof Flochelle is fabulous to work with, by the way.

Today is a dark moonday in Aquarius and I'm focused on the dark moon aspect more than the ruling planet this week. The dark (or balsamic) moon is the one-to-two day period before the new moon. It is a time to release and empty and rest. Hanging on to stuff leads to stagnation and heaviness with no space for either change or new possibilities. Over and over throughout each month, we go through this cycle of inspiration, planting, growing, celebrating, analyzing, reflecting and emptying.  Our emptying process can be viewed as preparation for what's to come and that makes it an exciting moontime, one I really like.

Aquarius rules our lower legs and their circulation making it a probable time for both aggravating and resolving problems with those parts. The color for Aquarius is blue which calms inflammation while red increases it. I wouldn't wear any red socks, slacks, or pajamas today if I had aching legs. Just saying.

I want to spend today emptying and preparing for the new moon tomorrow -- on both an inner and an outer level. On an inner level, Davidji of the Chopra Institute has a guided "agni (fire of transformation) meditation" with a breathing exercise to exhale letting go of who you are, and inhale becoming who you might be. I have this particular one on CD but some of his meditations can be accessed online. He has the perfect voice to take a person inward.

On an outer level -- our new moon tomorrow will be in Pisces, a water sign, and a new moon in a water sign is the best time ever to sow seeds in or for the garden. A new moon in a water sign during planting time only happens once a year, the next one (in Cancer) will be in hot (or cold) July, and then again in November (in Scorpio). This is not to say there aren't other auspicious planting days, there are -- but they are not on new moondays. Some other projects for today besides baskets in the sewing room are to wash and fill with soil lots of 4-pack pots to be planted up tomorrow, to empty and dye some blah baskets, and strain some herbal tinctures.

Do you find yourself wanting to clear out space today?


Marie said...

I love the clothes pin idea! So clever. I must confess I have some of those little plastic DMC cards you buy for thread and although it looks neat and fits perfectly into a little plastic box the thread does have a tendency to unroll. As I am writing this I am thinking eeeukk plastic!
I love your basket idea too!

Thank you for the link to Deepok Chopra. I found some meditations to listen to. I think they are much needed for me : )

Jeannie said...

Thanks for the meditation link. I am always looking for good meditations and ones were the voice is calming. I love the clothespin idea. I am a basket person as well and have been sorting and purging for 2 weeks. Now I have empty baskets and suitcases (my other storage solution). I am vowing to stay organized - ha! Creativity and organization seems like an oxymoron. Have a beautiful day.

deanna7trees said...

i love baskets and have lots of them...some that i actually made myself. most are filled with cloth and projects. and thread of course. love the thread on the clothespins. there is a blogger who does that with her newly dyed threads...can't remember who it is.
i've listened to many of Deepok Chopra's tapes many years ago and also those of Wayne Dyer who is a good friend of his. all very enlightening.
happy sorting and organizing.

woman with wings said...

Marie, I'm glad you like the clothespins as holders. I think it's going to work out really well as you can squeeze it just enough to grip onto the loose end. We'll see how it works! I should meditate more. The saying is when you're too busy to meditate, that's when you need to meditate more.

woman with wings said...

Jeannie, you've been right in sync with the waning moon by organizing and purging! I was surprised how many baskets I use, just never thought of it before. How do you store your suitcases? I have 3vintage ones stacked as a nightstand but it's sort of a hassle to get the top one cleared off to get into them. I just keep candleholders and misc. in the top 2 and nothing in the bottom one. But it just feels so good to get everything straightened up and ready to go, doesn't it?

woman with wings said...

Deanna, thanks -- I'll have to watch for the blogger who uses the clothespins. I'm really loving the idea. They're just so darn cute, sort of like fat little crayons. Oh, I'd love to make baskets someday, have only made a few in my life, was led step-by-step so I learned nothing on my own, just how to follow the leader! But it was still wonderful to come home with my own basket.

Jacky said...

The clothes pins are such a wonderful idea...thanks for sharing. I would love to learn to make baskets too (lucky me...Nat is going to take me to her basket making group one day to learn!).

Enjoyed reading about the dark moon and our impending new moon.

I bought some new storage baskets on the I know why!
Thanks Peggy.

Jacky xox

Kathy said...

Did you know Davidji has been doing a series of meditations for the Winter Feast? Here's the link in case your weren't aware of it.

woman with wings said...

Jacky, it's so interesting how we are living moon cycles without realizing it much of the time. Of course, it's easiest to see looking back! ;-) Yes, I'm liking the clothes pin idea, too. And you & Nat together -- watch out! So cool that you met through blogging. And fun to see what you're up to on Jacky/Nat adventures!

Trish said...

Excellent idea...and looks pretty too!...I must meditate more, you are an inspiration.x

woman with wings said...

Kathy, thanks for that link! I saw it somewhere but never went there -- I really like that you're made aware of the time during the meditation part.

woman with wings said...

Trish, yes, they're so-darn-so-darn cute just waiting to be picked up and squeezed! I tried meditating this afternoon and remembered almost immediately that I needed to go somewhere. Mornings are definitely best, in my opinion. ;-)

deanna7trees said...

i have been meditating for more than 35 years and it takes persistence when you start but after a while, you'll find yourself meditating automatically throughout the least that has been my experience.

woman with wings said...

Deanna, oh my, 35 years!
I agree that it gets easier over time. I'm a long-time meditator, too, but guided meditations on CDs or computer are fairly new to me. Never thought I'd like them, but this Davidji guy seems okay. I still like sitting meditation the best, on my cushion on the floor, because I can create a space for myself with no interruption. Since I've been writing morning pages though, my practice has suffered, doing both is well over an hour of the morning and I want to get going on the day. I know I shouldn't think of it like that. ;-)