Friday, December 16, 2011


Today I'm:

::making cloth from strips sewn onto a thrifted background

::making fringe from little clumps of yarn

::wondering if it'll come together the way I see it in my mind's eye

Happy weekending and happy making, too! xo


Trish said...

I'm sure it are amazing.x

deanna7trees said...

i bet it will. i have some of that yarn as well.

Nancy said...

No doubts!! Show us, OK...either way! :)

Jeannie said...

I also have the yarn. Whatever you are creating, it is going to be spectacular. The photo made my eyes smile.

Deb G said...

That fringe! Your project looks like something very, very fun. :)

Anonymous said...

great fringe! looking forward to seeing it all together. & as i'm catching up your moon painting, you've really captured the glow....and your Currier & Ives pillow is fabulous-perfectly paired w/the snowball fabric- which i find so weird & wonderful.

woman with wings said...

Trish, Deanna, Nancy, Jeannie, Deb & Cindy -- you guys are too nice. The project's coming along and I'll show the results later in the week. I guess you can tell it has something to do with this season of celebration & gift-giving.

The yarn is perfect as a little fringe -- somehow I'm not surprised that several of us have it!

Cindy, I love how you put that -- weird & wonderful! Life itself is w & w!