Tuesday, December 13, 2011

all were fed

Last weekend when the temperatures were in the 40's, the bees came out! It was wonderful to see them, I even suited up so I could get close in to clear out some dead bodies and widen the entrance for a little while -- and just be with them again, I've missed them. The beehive looks like Fort Knox because we're keeping both the cold and the mice out. I'd just refilled the entrance feeder when I took the picture so there was a lot of activity, comparatively speaking. The bees eat a 2:1 sugar water mix with a little extra bee food added. Still keeping my fingers crossed. And thankfully, the robbing bees seem to have gone "toward the light" so we don't have to worry about them anymore.

I like to try out new soup recipes so I made Marie's pumpkin soup from a pie pumpkin that served as a Thanksgiving decoration. About four cups worth -- half for the soup and the other half was later frozen for the next batch. There will definitely be a next batch because it was delicious! The squirrels dined on the rest of the pumpkin decorations.

So all were fed. And next up is Trish's onion soup.


Deb G said...

So glad your bees are doing well! I have a pie pumpkin I need to do something with soon... Hmm.

woman with wings said...

Deb, oh me, too. It was a huge relief to see them active. It's been cold the last two days so they're holed up once again.

I'd love to grow some pie pumpkins next year, have only grown the big ones or the teeny ones, but never the real food ones!

Marie said...

I smiled when I saw your "bee bed"..they are definitely cozied up for the winter. : )
Thank you for being a bee guardian...our Earth needs bees.

I love soup this time of year and the easier the better.
Thank you <3

Marie said...

love your new blog banner!
: )

Trish said...

You lovely bee lady.
I love the new banner.
Hope you enjoy the onion soup. I've made it again this week!
Much love to you.

woman with wings said...

Marie, thanks -- soup is perfect nourishment these days. Oh, and that banner was a hot mess to do. I'm still not happy with it, but I ran out of time. I don't know how you get yours so nice.

woman with wings said...

Thanks, Trish -- see my above comment on how I feel about that banner! ha. Maybe this weekend I can figure out how to stretch it across the top more...I'm hoping to make a big batch of yummy onion soup tomorrow night -- enough to last a few days. Just no cooking time lately, it's been cheese, cold cuts, and veggies for more than one meal around here, looking forward to REAL food!