Monday, June 6, 2011

self-mothering moonday

The moon represents home and mothering in the astrological chart. The easiest way to find the moon at work in your life is to ask what makes my mood improve and/or what activities make me happy? Your answers will be based on the way they make you feel and can be a clue for ways of self-mothering or self-nourishment (more on this in Intuitive Astrology by Elizabeth Rose Campbell).

I can truly relax and feel content at a fabric store. I don't have to buy a thing. I sort of go into a trance -- I used to worry it was from all the formaldehyde or other chemicals on the fabric but now I think it's sensory-based. I like to wander around touching cloth, then sit at the pattern book table and dreamily page through the books, listening all the while to the little sewing conversations going on around me. Have you noticed that most people at the pattern table come in little groups of twos and threes?

Digging and creating new planting areas in the garden makes me pretty happy. Or sitting in an area where the bees are working the flowers, closing my eyes and listening, sometimes feeling a fly or bee land on me, well, that pretty much does me in. Or the scent of valerian.

Another one of my answers is reading. I've been craving some Elizabeth Goudge lately, this will be about my fourth read of The White Witch (1958), first read about 15 years ago and spaced out thereafter. I'm slowly collecting books by Elizabeth Goudge, an English theosophist author who resonates with me for some reason. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (1943) has been read at larger intervals -- this is my mother's copy and I first read it when I was in elementary school and have about every ten years since. Don't get me wrong, I don't spend a lot of reading time rereading things. But these just give me that feeling, you know?

This moonday find us with a beautiful waxing crescent moon in Leo, did you see it last night? Leo moontime is all about interrelating. It is time to shine and not minimize yourself. By simply being, you light the way for others. That quote by Nelson Mandela applies here. "Your playing small doesn't serve you. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking."

Leo daytime is dry and fiery so remember to drink water and make sure the plants aren't thirsty, as well. Leo rules the center of love and strength, our hearts and circulation. If you feel weak or unloved, ask yourself the questions mentioned above to see how you can self-nourish.

If you have access to any motherwort in bloom, you could harvest this heart herb that lowers blood pressure, calms heart palpitations, reduces anxiety, and relieves menstrual cramping. Motherwort's name is Leonurus cardiaca -- if it's at the correct stage of growth and bloom, there couldn't be a more suitable time to harvest and make its medicine than now.

Garden-wise, Leo (and Virgo that follows) is a barren sign, so hold off on seed-planting if you can until Thursday when the moon enters Libra, a semi-fertile sign. On the other hand, inner seeds of strength, love, and courage are very well-planted now!


Marie said...

This is such a wonderful post...I like the words "self-mothering".
It is so important to find the little things that bring comfort and for me it can be a book, cruising the fabric store, sitting at the beach, stitching, etc.
I read about Elizabeth Goudge and found it interesting that as a young women she seemed not very confident and yet she had to be strong for her parents. What do you think?

woman with wings said...

Marie, thank you. It's like we know what will comfort us, but we don't usually make it a priority. Even now with my kids basically all independent, one in college yet, THEY are still at the top of my list. I know you're still in the thick of it! Elizabeth Goudge -- I just saw a little about that recently, too, am going to go look her up again -- sort of like Beatrix Potter or Emily Dickinson in a way. I think her wisdom came from within or beyond, maybe not from life experience?

helen said...

Ooooo....Elizabeth Goudge. I read Herb of Grace as a young teenager. Also love White Witch. I read Child from the Sea when I was 16 and my mother and I went in search of Roch castle. Little did I know then that in 24 years I would come to live just two miles away from that same castle!

Your blog is wonderful ~

woman with wings said...

Helen, Oh my gosh, that is so cool that you live right near that castle! I can only imagine living near castles and such. I read The Child from the Sea, too, but I'm not sure about Herb of Grace. Will check it out -- thank you, dear Helen!